Boss: What did you give up for Lent?
Me: (softly) Pork.
Boss: (long pause) Oh, pork! I thought you said ‘work‘! That’s not gonna work out well for you!

I know that, of course.

After two months, the possible effect of an imminent federal government shut down has hit me. With the way things unfold here in my post, there’s no reason to feel anxious at all – brand new facility, people still get sent to training and workshops abroad – but a part of me still cannot help but feel bothered.

Furlough has been a strange concept to us until now. At the end of the day, I am hoping the US congress will reach a decent agreement so furlough is no longer an option. Meanwhile, if push comes to shove, it is better than having no work at all. At this rate, even if we stop working, if they will do the same thing as in the mid-nineties, a three-week break would mean a vacation for us, the pay we skipped would be received, and everything will be back to normal.

Of course, the more ideal thing is to continue working as usual.

Indeed, I have had bouts of jumping off the edge, trying out something new, seeking out other pastures, but now is the only time I feel the most powerful push of motivation.

I look at the sky, it is still clear and blue, and I know that my life is still doing okay.

Categories: Employee Judie

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