First quarter reads

sporty tigger reading a book

Books bought from January to March = 38
Books read from that pile = 4
Total books read within the same period = 12

That sums up my first quarter progress in reading books. I did not factor in books I started reading but wasn’t able to finish because it will open a can of worms which all boils down to humiliation that I hoarded too many books at this age, it’s almost insane.

Anyway, what did I read in the past three months?

A mixture of young adult pieces, romance (fluff, trashy, whatever you call it), and more. I have said that real life has taken my life so I had no choice but to follow, thus the still-mediocre number of books read and…well, I really don’t need to explain myself. Anyway, here they are:

1.  The Spellman Files – Lisa Lutz
I read the second Spellman book and enjoyed it so I looked for the book that started it all. I had fun with it.

2.  House Rules – Jodi Picoult
This is my first-time-here book purchase from Taipei. I learned a lot about Asperger’s syndrome from this book. it’s classic
Picoult to weave family drama; this one was predictable but it’s worth it.

3. Revenge of the Spellmans – Lisa Lutz
The third book about the crazy Spellmans. Not as funny as the first two but it set the tone for future ones.

4. The Main Attraction – Jayne Ann Krentz
Too much saccharine. Eh, it’s fine.

5. Fred and Anthony Meet the Demented Super De-Germ-o Zombie – Elise Primavera
This is an illustrated book which has lots of underlying advocacies and witty tirades. Funny.

6. Fred and Anthony Meet the Heinie Goblins from the Black Lagoon – Elise Primavera
See #5.

7.  Someday Angeline – Louis Sachar
After Holes, I had an expectation of Sachar. This was not as ‘heavy’ as Holes but it’s okay for what it wanted to convey. Not at par with Robert Cormier but he’s cool, too.

8. The Romanov Prophecy – Steve Berry
It re-awakened my deep-seated interest with Russia.

9.  This Time Love – Elizabeth Lowell
Not a good romance book maybe because its plot was so used and abused.  The novel had more about the mechanics of spelunking (as in exploring caves and all) than the metaphorical spelunking. Not that I was expecting much of the latter.

10.  Boomsday – Christopher Buckley
I recommend this to my friends who work in the Social Security office. Buckley has made it to my short list of favorite satirists. I also get pumped up by political intercourse between two strong personalities. Kinikilig ako when lovers debate intelligently.

11. The Monster of Florence – Douglas Preston / Mario Spezi
A respectable investigative piece. I recommend it.

12.  The Long (and Short) of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt – Ali Basye
If you basically want to know how skirts evolved since time immemorial, this is a concise reference. It’s fine.

With the Holy Week coming – and an imminent long break? – I will make time to read more.

What have you read so far?

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8 replies

  1. ako , ke stephaniw meyer e saka ung norwegian woods saka madami pang half finished books hehehe. sana me matapos na ako no?

    • gusto ko din yang norwegian wood kasi may movie na daw nyan, bago ko i-download (hehe, japanese eh with subtitles lang) basahin ko muna

      oo nga wish ko lang me matapos ka 🙂 closure is important. chos.

  2. isoli na si chelsea!

  3. i am equally interested with Russia so… #8 looks like it’s interesting to me.

    What have I read? nahihiya ako.. i haven finished reading any book. ;( started some but havent finished. oh dear.

    (tina of


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