On sick bay

This is my second day out of the office because of illness.  When I got over my usual bouts of flu, I noticed that my tummy problems replaced them.  I  guess my bad eating habits brought it back.  I’ve been back to eating twice a day only and this time it wasn’t because I was deliberately doing it nor I have no time; it’s just that since we transferred to a new office, the moment I start working, I’m on a roll and time passes by swiftly.  I rarely feel the pang of hunger, too, until it’s 11 am and my officemates start heating their food in the pantry which is just a few steps away from me.

What made my eating pattern worse was the amount I was eating each time.  There were days when I can survive on a 6-0unce cup of frozen yogurt after an hour at the gym, then there were days when I was with friends and it’s a given to eat a lot.  Same old swinging like a pendulum eating habits.  Now my intestines are mad.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little better.  I’m keeping it in check because stress also causes it to linger and at this time, I feel a bit stressed because my mother’s also under the weather for a week now.  I’m not concerned over her getting sick because she’s religiously consulting her physician; it’s more of the responsibility of running the household when she’s incapable of it.  Day two into it and I still can’t decide instantly when the help asks what should we have for lunch or dinner.  There’s a lot of chores each day, and I’m aware of them, but actually being in charge takes a toll on me immediately.

I plan to return to work tomorrow so I’m hoping I feel better completely, and my mom, too.  These are days when I am made to look at the bigger picture and forget that I only have myself to mind.  It’s a little daunting, yes, but it’s also interesting.  I feel I’m an adult.  For realz. 🙂

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