My free gak while running

I seldom bring my iPod anymore when I run but in times when I do, my audio companion is not a playlist of fast, upbeat music, but actually a podcast.  The Walking Deadcast, to be exact.

The podcast is hosted by cool people named Jason and Karen.  I got the episodes for free from iTunes.  There are many The Walking Dead (TWD) podcasts on iTunes alone yet Jason and Karen’s grew on me first – and fast.  They do TWD episode dissections, run down their personal top 5 scenes, discuss zombie movies, interview TWD stars, and squeeze some zombie news (I mean, rumored stuff and otherwise in films, books, comics) in the pipeline.

The podcast lasted for 29 episodes.  I’m sure they will be back when TWD season 2 begins.

Interested in the podcast?  Visit their official site, like their Facebook page, or connect with the show through Twitter.  I did. 🙂

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4 replies

  1. nasa vegas na yun bluray ng s1 ko!

    • Yeah, subscribe ka! Dami zombie trivia.
      Sa kanila ko narinig na yung production co. ni ex-husband Brad Pitt ang gusto gumawa nung World War Z the movie. Gandang zombie book yun eh.


  1. Book Chick City’s Zombie Challenge 2012 « Reading since 1984. Daydreaming since 1989.

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