I may have broken my promise to not eat any pork, chicken nor beef for this entire week but I’m proud I didn’t entirely swallow what I said.  I did try to stay away. 🙂  Anyway, last Wednesday, I met up with my friends in Gateway and at Teriyaki Boy, I discovered what would be a new favorite, even when this season of meat abstinence is over.

Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare (P145)

This dish is originally served spicy but since I’m not a fan of such, I asked to make it non-spicy.  The serving size was enough for one person and if it gets any bigger, you will get tired of it.  The tuna sashimi could have tasted a bit fresher but it’s acceptable.  The Japanese mayo was not too much (I’m a mayo lover but I do not like stuff swimming in it; it’s like a stroke waiting to happen), and the tempura flakes were crunchy enough.  I’m very satisfied and I’ll definitely eat this again.

I ate this with cubes of agedashi tofu which is my constant favorite at any Japanese restaurant.

I also shared Philly Cheese Steak-flavored maki rolls with my friends.  The name almost says it all – just add sesame seeds in the mix.  It was good.  However, the cheese lover in me still prefers Uncle Sam’s Maki in Tempura Japanese Grill (shrimp, cucumber, mango, Philadelphia cheese in every roll topped with Japanese mayo and bacon bits!).  This dish is P185 for 8 rolls.  It comes with a dipping sauce of melted cheese.

Teriyaki Boy has other interesting rolls in the menu so I will try them out soon.  I heard they also have good ramens.

Teriyaki Boy has many branches in Metro Manila and in selected provinces in the Philippines.  You can view their latest menu here.

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  1. the first photo looks disgusting

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