Books From Baguio

I spent 36 hours in Baguio and took home four books.  I could have bought more but didn’t so in a way I’m proud of myself for holding out.  My TBR pile is seriously out of control.

Anyway, I’m happy with my purchases and as always the case, I hope I can find time to read them soon.

Imperial Bedrooms – Bret Easton Ellis (P225, National Bookstore, SM Baguio)

This is my FVBP (first visit book purchase) from NBS in SM Baguio.  I only read half of Ellis’ Glamorama but I tried collecting his other books just for the heck of it.  I have, apart from Glamorama, Lunar Park, Less Than Zero, and Rules of Attraction.  This book is the sequel of Less Than Zero, with characters coming back after 25 years.  It’s a thin book but still crazy fun. I consider his books crack in a good kind of way (well, next only to Chuck Palahniuk).

The Age of Innocence – Edith Wharton (P150, Mt. Cloud Bookshop)

A classic I finally have a personal copy of.  I love the cover.  The edition I bought was published in 1986.

Life So Far – Betty Friedan (P75, Booksale, SM Baguio)

This is Ms. Friedan’s memoir.  I became interested for I browsed a chapter of her The Feminine Mystique (which I luckily bought in Booksale, Robinsons Ermita for P25) and was impressed by her thoughts on feminism.  Perhaps it’s cool to read this back-to-back with Confessions of a Dutiful Daughter, a biography of another famous feminist, Simone de Beauvoir.

Petropolis – Anya Ulinich (P20, Booksale, SM Baguio)

I long wanted to buy this and I almost did when I saw this for P99 in Powerbooks Robinsons Ermita.  Good thing I didn’t for I’ll see it again after two months and for P79 less!  Anyway, this is about a mail-order bride from Russia who adjusted to immigrant life in the United States.  If you know me enough, you will instantly recognize that these two topics are close to my heart.

X     X     X

These books brought my “Books Bought” figure to 45 since the year started.  Still pretty decent and really below my out-of-control level compared to years past.  Maybe for my next reading self-challenge I should make it “1:10”, meaning for every book I buy, I should have read 10 to compensate it with.  It’s a promising plan to significantly slash my TBR pile.  What do you think?

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2 replies

  1. OoooH i ought to post about my Baguio loot as well! hahahaha. Akala ko PERSEPOLIS yung PETROPOLIS! Yummy, yummy book photos! *drooool*

  2. aba
    ang dami palang bago dito, ah

    yummy friend, paki sabi ke tita “happy mother’s day!”

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