It’s my yummy friend’s birthday!

It’s my “yummy friend” Dennis‘ birthday today! I can’t give him a gift because he’s not here, so I feel that this blog post for him would suffice.  Well, even if he’s here, I still would give this post as gift.  Mahirap ang buhay.  Hahaha!

Our nickname for each other (‘yummy friend’ in case you’re still not getting it) is something that stuck through time that we no longer care if it means something different if you hear it the first time. There wasn’t anything to it really; it started with one of those “send to many” cheesy messages which said yummy people are friends. If people ascribed other meaning/s to it, I don’t want to rain on your parade so just think whatever you want to.

So, since it’s his birthday, I want to list down, IN MY BRIEFEST BEST, things I love about him.

  • He keeps me grounded.  He tolerates my insanity but only to a certain degree.  In life, consider yourself blessed if you have friends who would give you sides in every situation, who would play devil’s advocate, still for your own good.  Most of the time, that’s him to me.
  • The way his mind would drift away after 30 seconds whenever I’m spilling anything about my romantic life (or the utter lack of it).  He mastered the art of looking at me, nodding at proper moments, and commenting briefly, like, “Babae lang nakakaramdam nyan.” or his classic, “Tigilan mo na kasi yan e.”
  • He’s very easy to please.  I don’t know with you, but I always manage to annoy him then make him laugh sometimes within one long sentence.
  • He can really stare.  Outstanding moments for me were the one with an office visitor wearing a very sexy dress (he was holding the door for too long, muntik pa maipit) and with the Taiwanese girl in Taipei 101 (as in staring while he’s walking away, parang pelikulang slo-mo, wtf).
  • He loves his nieces so much.  He always has stories about them.  I know they know that, you know, he’s a slave to them..
  • The way he trills his r’s and deliberately forgets his f’s and p’s.  It’s annoying at times but it’s cute, too.
  • I can talk to him about ANYTHING.
  • Whenever he has to criss cross his way when we’re crossing the street just so he would be on the “danger” side.
  • He won’t admit it but he remembers if he pushed a wrong button before; he will not dare touch it again.  He will mock you crazy about it but he will not do it again.  I’m speaking metaphorically, of course.
  • Whenever he loses it because I’m late, either for lunch or after office hours.  Grabe magdabog yan at umirap-irap.
  • He also loses it when you stop at ALL the stores and buy stuff.  Typical guy dilemma because he almost always go in a straight line and buys something he wants at one go.  More touching is even if he chides you for this, kahit galit, he would bring your bags.
  • He’s so human in that he snores.  He fucking snores. rotfl.
  • He cares.  Contrary to what he said in one of his blog entries that he doesn’t, I believe the opposite.  When one of our friends was dying, hindi rin sya mapakali.  When our other friend lost her mom, he was also so uneasy and outrightly suggested na pagkatapos ng lahat, we should all take her for a trip.  Kahit kay Oreo, their Aspin, he’s also like that.  Even with Boy Turon!  Whenever the shop’s closed, he’d always think may nangyari na.  So sweet.
  • He’s not good with direct compliments but he can make you feel you did something great and he’s proud of you.
  • He’s so supportive.  Like, matiyagang naghihintay sa akin pag mahaba ang pila sa BPI.  Very recently, I made a bold attempt to do something for my lovelife (LOL), andun sya sa 2nd floor hallway at nakasuporta in case I screw it up (I didn’t, ahem).
  • The way he drags his feet when he walks.  As Sheila said, parang Lotus Feet.  Alam mo na agad pag sya yung padating.
  • He enjoys life and never stops dreaming.  I have too much to say about this but with the length of this post, he’s already seething in annoyance, I’m sure.

There are more things I love about him that could not make this post.  I’m sure he touched your life as he touched mine.  I couldn’t believe we’re going to be this close, to think that when he first got to the section, numero unong supladito ‘yan.  For the past 3.5 years, he’s the constant male presence in my life, and I thank him for being there.  Wag na mag-alala yung may mga gusto sa kanya, we will NEVER be together, that I can tell you.  But I will love him for life!

So to you, yummy friend, happy birthday!!! You’re old enough to need a rectal exam in your APE! Hahaha!!!  I wish you lots and lots of money and something new to stimulate you (I mean, anything than Walmart, LOL).  More importantly, I hope that when you go inside a church, she would have a face again.  You deserve it.  I love you! 


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13 replies

  1. LOL thanks yummy friend ni raft3r. dalaw ka lang ng dalaw. next time may softdrinks na.

  2. and tell your yummy friend na next time, girl’s name naman ang ipangalan nya sa wheels. mas may sympathy ang mankind sa mga girls. di mananakaw.

  3. waaa ang sweet 🙂 inggit ako sa friendship nyo! 😀

  4. For the record, I stopped reading after the first paragraph

    Sige na
    May bookmark kana
    Yun lang ba talaga gusto mo dito?


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