A fun fan!

After two years, I added my blog again to National Blog Posting Month’s (NaBloPoMo) blogroll for June.  The theme for June is FAN.  It could be about the physical fan (as summer kicks in in the West) or as a fan of something or someone.  I totally have lots of experiences on the latter and I can only hope I can sustain my interest in telling you all about them.

To recap my “adventures” in the past months that I’ve not done this, it may interest you to know that:

  • I’m still a big fan of [H]ouse.  The voluntary departure of Lisa Edelstein was a real shock to me.  I still like the show and I understand that it reached its saturation point many seasons ago so it’s really bound to be mediocre at times.  I cannot promise to watch as regularly as I used to with the non-appearance of Lisa Cuddy but I’ll still be a fan.
  • I love Dana Delany’s new crime procedural Body of Proof.  I’m happy it got warm reception and was renewed for season 2.  Delany’s Megan Hunt is tough as nails but likable.  It’s seldom that a damaged protagonist is a woman so this is a breath of fresh air.  Megan Hunt is witty, observant, cold, confident, competitive, and silently emotional.  I love that entire package.  Plus her heels!  I love her heels and her whole get up, down to the purse with her medical examiner badge pinned to it.  If I go back to my ideal BMI, I will dress up like her to the office.  lol.
  • I’m also a fan of the axed NBC show Outsourced.  I wish it was given more time to grow its legs on air.  I don’t feel it’s offensive as they said it was.  If anything, Americans were made fun of in equal amounts in many episodes.  Maybe it’s what brought it to the chopping board?  I don’t know but I believe it’s unfair.  Now that’s one less really funny show on network TV that’s cancelled.
  • Still a fan of many TV shows (I have no life, remember? :)) that I will have to devote a separate post for them when the summer TV season starts soon.

  • I am a big fan of young adult books.  They’re easy reads, a little less expensive, and I was amazed by the quality of most of them.  Whenever I flip through one, I imagine myself to be in its intended age group.  Many of them affected me much, some were just meh, some were okay.  Lucky for the young adults/tweeners of this generation; they have a slew of books dumped in shelves every month.  When I was young, we didn’t have much of that.  I believe that the supernatural/vampire phase is almost over.  The barrage of DYSTOPIA stories is here, and it made me very excited.

  • Still a fan of running (my running update will be up soon) and lately, Zumba.  I love dancing and now I found a time to do it outside my room. 🙂 Latin aerobics is sexy and it can really make you sweat buckets.  I didn’t regret joining.

What else am I a fan of?  Love, probably.  It’s that time of year again.  I promise to be less dramatic in cyberspace; that’s what my journal is for, anyway.

What else?  I’m a fan of bookmarks, coated cereals, color pens.  Raisins, paper products, long land travels, B movies.  I like a lot of things.  How about you?

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  1. you are not a fan of the deadbeat club?!?


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