Bohol Trip: Day 2

Day 2 in Bohol started early for us.  We were expected to be up and about way earlier but we were tired the previous day so we decided to sleep in a little longer.  We had free breakfast at 7 am and proceeded to a 45-minute boat ride to Balicasag Island.  We missed the dolphins and the boatman said it’s wavy anyway so they’re expected to stay away.

Our tour package only included the fee for the boat ride to and from the resort and snorkeling privileges for two guests.  Since we’re 5 people, and 2 begged off from snorkeling, we had to pay for one more person’s gear.  We didn’t avail the flippers though because the spot wasn’t deep (as in waist-deep) and well, we’re cheap.   

Balicasag is a good spot to see marine creatures but in my opinion, Coron is better, because it’s more colorful underwater.  But this was still a great spot, especially for first-timers.  The corals were impressive.  I am for all efforts to preserve them.  Since it’s a very shallow part of the ocean, we had cuts and scrapes from the corals and our soles weren’t spared because we didn’t have flippers, remember?  However, it’s worth all the bloody, mahapdi mess.

After the morning activities, we asked for the food to be served.  Before snorkeling, we reserved a kilo of fresh squid to be cooked three ways – adobo, calamares, and inihaw.  They were served promptly with rice for P15  a cup.  It was yummy.  It’s rare to go wrong with fresh seafoods.  Anyway, the vendors did not mention that they charge P250 as cooking fee, so you have to consider that when you mentally total your bill.

After lunch, we looked for a sari-sari store because we’re thirsty.  A few meters away from the shore, we saw a store and an elementary school.  The price of the goods were a little steep but we understood – to get those merchandise, you have to ride a boat for 45 minutes then travel 45 minutes more to get to the city, and back!

We left Balicasag a little after 12 noon.  After 30 minutes, we were in Virgin Island.  We stayed there for about 20 minutes only.  We just took pictures. 


We’re back in Whites & Greens early enough to enjoy the waves of its beach.  I liked it because it’s not full of seaweeds.  It has lots of pointy rocks near the shore though.  But overall, we had a grand time frolicking under the sun.  After this, we took time to fix our things, talk, and freshen up for dinner – although, “taking a bath” in saltwater did not really make a difference.

We had dinner in Kan-anan Restaurant in Dumaluan Beach Resort.  We thought we’re hungry so we ordered coma-inducing food – kangkong with bagnet (more like bagnet with kangkong!), shrimp slathered with crab fat, bangus ala pobre and grilled liempo.  We decided to walk the shore after dinner for fear of killing ourselves from heart attack.  The food was good and the price was reasonable.  Ambience was very satisfactory, too.

Today, we spent the following per pax – P130 (lunch in Balicasag, total is P650 including tip), P200 (share in extra snorkeling gear), P400 (Kan-anan gluttonish dinner).  Plus less than a hundred, give or take, from the sari-sari store drinks and junk food purchase.  

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