Fiction it!

I signed up for National Blog Posting Month’s August run.  This month’s theme is FICTION.  Accordingly, NaBlo says:

Certainly, blogging is about truth-telling; recording our lives. But how often does fiction seep into our reconstruction of our day? Is it important to always be honest, or can we skew the facts to present a better story?Beyond that, how can you not enjoy delving into a work of fiction? Finding a new world, new characters, new inventions that didn’t exist until the writer placed them on the page. This month, we have to spend some time sharing our favourite books, authors, and characters.

What a fitting theme for me.  Even when I was not posting entries in the past weeks, I have been writing down on my journal, mostly about books I read and new and current TV shows and movies that I felt like commenting on.  This is high time to put them all up!  Also, face it, with all the drama, comedy, adventure, and horror (figurative and otherwise) I surround myself day after day, you would say it’s like taken out of a fictional book or movie.

Here’s to one whole month of blog presence!

Categories: Citizen Judie


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