Regular awesome day

In order to stay true to my pledge of daily posts for one month for NaBloPoMo, I will share the randomness – and greatness – of this day.

I have to admit that I’m not in my element this week.  Can you blame me?  The weather warranted a stay in bed the whole time, yesterday we were asked to go home early on a rather dry day…valid momentum-killers, I’m telling you.  However, as an adult, I don’t have much leisure to complain, so I’m just enjoying it.

If you think about it, my plate’s pretty full.  I’m back to a 3-day backlog, website management demands more attention than usual, my employee association board-ship (I know it isn’t a term, sshhh) is almost up but duties still abound, my reading phase is moving a bit faster than usual, I booked appointments with different sets of friends the entire week…whew.

I also returned to Zumba class today after 3 straight weeks of no workout at all.  I’m not surprised that my lower limbs are in pain as I type.

If you’re following me on Twitter, it’s hard to miss my fascination, albeit late, for the national football team of the Philippines.

I also took a liking for a 19-year old midfielder of the national team, Manuel Ott. I originally liked Angel Guirado (another midfielder) and I still do, but after seeing him (Manu) in Rockwell last Friday, meek and mild, and hardly knowing how to handle his newfound fame, I was enamored.  I will never go far with this, unless I want to be the youngest cougar/sugar mommy.  Anyway, yeah, I just really like him and Angel.  They’re not just half-bred Filipinos; they really know how to play football.  Don’t get me started on Stephan Schrock, too. Yay.

So in the midst of my feelings for a man 18 years my senior, I found a young man ten years my junior.  I like it.  The age gap, by itself, made the feeling more fun.

A funny highlight of my day, perhaps, would be when I asked the Clinique lady in Essenses to try on my face their new cleansing products.   I haven’t done that ever.  So there I was, after a long day at work and a heavy workout, getting free applications of Clinique cleansing scrub, clarifying toner, moisturizer, and anti-blemish cream.  It’s like a free facial.

They shouldn’t be disappointed because I bought a clarifying toner;  that’s what I really came there for.

It’s 10:05 pm and I couldn’t believe it’s August already.  Four months to go until the new year.  Three months until my first trip to Boracay  (well, I can go earlier, yes?)…and four days to go until his birthday. 🙂

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