Still here!

Guess who was remiss in complying with daily blog updates? Me, me, me.  To say that I’ve been busy is stretching it quite a bit but yeah, there were activities that took my time.

What did happen since my last post? I —

  • ate again in one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town;
  • attended a dear aunt’s birthday dinner in Imus which easily became a reunion;
  •  ran — errr, walked — 10 kilometers under a drizzling sky;
  • had fever;
  • recovered from fever;
  • did not finish one book from my currently-reading pile;
  • ate coma-inducing crispy dinuguan;
  • came close to a hypertensive attack;
  • said goodbye to my employee association directorship, something I held for two years (oh, it seems like yesterday when I was babbling about being in it);
  • returned Raft3r‘s copy of Chelsea Handler’s “Vodka” book;
  • watched Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank and super enjoyed it;
  • had a work-related moment with LTC;
  • found out people were talking about me and what I’ve been doing (more like giving) LTC;
  • didn’t care that people were talking about me;
  • enhanced my “Puma” skills by always tweeting back Manny Ott, my current midfielder crush from the Azkals;
  • continued following and replying to tweets of the Azkals, because it’s fun and what do you care;
  • finished off a pack of chocolate-coated peanuts from Muji;
  • went back to the gym after two long months.

How about you, how have you been?

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3 replies

  1. pang sampu lang ako?!?
    tsk, tsk

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