Episode backlog

You know already that I watch a lot of TV.  Lately, I wasn’t able to find time to watch my “regulars”.  Maybe this weekend I’ll slowly start to keep up.  Summer TV episodes are almost over and how many did I miss so far?

COVERT AFFAIRS – Five episodes (6 to 10 of the current season)

My last episode was when Auggie briefly quit the CIA.  My friends are big fans of the Joan/Arthur scenes and I know I missed quite a lot already.

DROP DEAD DIVA – Six episodes (2 to 9 of the current season)

Yup, I did not watch after the season 2 premier. 😦  Too bad.  I didn’t even know Kim Kaswell returned to Harrison & Parker already.

HOT IN CLEVELAND – 2 episodes (18 and 19)

This one I barely missed much because it’s easy to watch.  It only runs for 19-20 minutes so I breezed through them easily.  Still, that’s two episodes I didn’t get to see.

WAREHOUSE 13 – Five episodes aka all the aired episodes of season 3.

I know this one got the farthest seat in my effort to prioritize what I will watch.  Synopses and discussions which I just glance at hint that Myka left the Warehouse and Pete’s got a new partner.  I don’t know what happened and what did not and I’m excited to put together the pieces and watch.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – 3 episodes (7 to 9 of the current season)

This show is a real guilty pleasure despite the early saturation point of all the teenage drama.  What keeps me hanging on is how ridiculously evil “A” is.  I still say “A” is Mr. Fitz and Spencer’s sister Melissa.  I don’t know how and why so, I just feel it’s them, hahaha.

SUITS – Six episodes

I only watched the first two episodes and liked it.  I even told someone kapag ganoon ang mga lawyers mo, ang sarap magdemanda.

I have to catch up with these shows not only to finally watch them but to have a clean slate before the Fall TV shows come in starting next month.  In that, I have to give more time to watch because if all the shows I want to watch will be on, that’s  9 shows a week that I have to keep up with (House, Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Body of Proof, Raising Hope, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, The Mentalist) with the much-anticipated The Walking Dead a little later in October! 🙂

See, too much TV, too little time!


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  1. hindi ka ba nanonood ng vampire diaries
    elena is so hoooooooooooooot

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