Cabbage Dream

Before I slept last night, I chose a romance novel (trashy greatness, emo-porn, whatever you wish to call them!) in hopes of attracting a happy, romantic, even raunchy dream. I know it does not follow and it’s ridic to assume so but it worked on me before. 🙂

So anyway, 15 minutes into it, I fell asleep, and had a funny dream.

However, it wasn’t raunchy nor romantic.

I dreamt that my highschool bestfriends and I were chased downhill by hundreds of rolling green cabbages. I woke up very confused but after a while I was laughing.

I cannot fathom what did it mean — running downhill, hundreds of cabbage, my friends.

The closest I could think of in running downhill is that we’re all turning 30 soon (certainly not that it’s a bad thing). What about cabbages? Heads will roll? I really don’t know. Sometimes a dream doesn’t have to have meaning at all.

6 thoughts on “Cabbage Dream

    1. It got me thinking, too. The cabbages looked non-threatening; they were your usual round and light greenish but what freaked me out in the dream was how fast they were going. So weird!

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