Loot Report = 32nd MIBF

The 32nd Manila International Book Fair is over!  I’m happy to have hauled interesting items from the 5-day event.  I was there on opening day after the 1st Filipino Reader Conference but I was tired and battling a headache after a long day so I didn’t move around much, but I did see great books for low prices.  When I trooped to SMX on Sunday afternoon, there were still a lot of great finds but I felt most of the good stuff were gone. 😦  Oh well, I just thought of it as a way of saving money.  I knew that I’d have to spend for this and with what happened, I didn’t really shell out much.

So, what are the additions to my overflowing piles of books?

These two atlases were from the A-Z Direct Marketing booth, or more popularly known as the subscription office of Reader’s Digest and Newsweek. I initially planned to give them to my younger relatives this Christmas but after browsing them, I decided I will keep them for myself! 🙂

Still from the A-Z Direct Marketing booth. Note that each book is packed in its own separate box. My favorite of them is the middle one, Almanac of the Uncanny. I want to finish this one in time for our October book club session. The best part here? I got all five of them for only P1,000!

I tried to stay away from National Bookstore yet I couldn’t resist their bargain bins. Except for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse which I got for 20% off the cover price, I got Manhood for Amateurs and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for 99 pesos, and the rest for 30 pesos each.  Yes, 30 pesos as well for Blood Red Road, a relatively new release (just last July!); it’s a real steal.

I pledged to read more works of Filipino writers so I started with short ones mostly from the PsiCom Publishing booth.  These books are dirt cheap for 50 bucks a pop.  I really wish I could have bought more titles.  I bought three only because its the first booth I visited and I had limited budget with me, so I told myself I’ll just come back after I toured the entire fair.  Sadly, I forgot to come back to their booth na.  Anyway, I can buy their publications whenever I like it, they’re not expensive.  So, I got Suplado Tips by stand up comic Stanley Chi, Mga Kuwentong Parlor ni Wanda Ilusyunada by the hilarious blogger Wanda, and Kuwentong Bigote  by Alex dela Cruz.  I am also proud of Trese: Murder on Balete Drive.  it’s the first volume in a local comic book series, borne out of the collaboration of Budjette Tan and  Kajo Baldisimo.  Will definitely buy Trese 2: Unreported Murders and Trese 3: Mass Murders.  Hooray for Pinoy graphic artists!

As always my question after laboriously hoarding books, when will I read them?  Your guess is as good as mine.  For now, I’m happy with my buys.  The number of books I bought this year is nearing a hundred and I have read around 40 books, many of which are not from my 2011 purchases.  It’s a bit complicated, I’ll just make a separate entry about it.  Or maybe not, maybe I should just read.

Anyway, what about you, what books did you buy recently?

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  1. you will be so proud of me
    i’m giving books as gifts this xmas

  2. Hi Judie! Your blog, Becoming Judie, has been selected and listed in http://www.readphilippines.com. Feel free to join our fast-growing Pinoy readers’ community!


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