Baby Strides

There are only 11 days left until my first 10K run for 2012 and I honestly feel I am not prepared yet.  Yes, I have been going to the gym for endurance workouts.  I planned on doing it for a few weeks, after which I will run in slow to average speed to re-establish my pace.  Well, it remained a plan, as per usual, and I think I didn’t go past the endurance workout stage.  Things and events happened. 🙂

Run United 1 (RU1) isn’t the first run I registered for this year.  I was supposed to run in the Subic International Marathon last month.  But it being an out of town trip, a few days after my birthday, and with a friend opening his new bar, long story short, we stayed out so late — and got wasted — that we got back to the house we rented in Binictican just in time for the race itself.  Neat, very neat.

Anyway, the RU trilogy run is something I always participate in.  I got used to its registration and race day freebies from Unilab wherein para kang magtatayo ng mini-botica. 🙂  Overall, I have no complaints with any RU run.  For this year, I am happy they did away with gold pins to attach the race bib to the singlet.  I’ve long planned to buy a bib belt since my friend Aldrin lent his to me in the CIHM and now, I don’t have to anymore because it is included in the RU1 race kit!

After this, my friend and I are thinking if we are joining The North Face 100 in Baguio or the interesting let’s-outrun-zombies race in The Running Dead in Alabang.  Both are scheduled on April 21, 2012.  We’re kind of leaning towards the latter because (1) Alabang is nearer than Baguio; you know, travel time, expenses, etc. and (2) running with “zombies”?  That’s something new!  Besides, I am going to Baguio next month and might be staying inside Camp John Hay for 3 days, so maybe I could squeeze in some high-altitude running time.  Maybe!

Anyway, come March 4, I will be at the starting line to run [and walk, who am I kidding] my way to 10K.  I hope to regain my passion for running. Not necessarily running in organized races, but running in general. I know it’s good for me. ~

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  1. inggit ako kasi ikaw, may disiplina! plus, i can’t run. =( flat feet will kill me after 3 miles.

    • Thanks! Three years ago, I would have raised my eyebrows kung may magtanong sa akin kung tumatakbo ako. 🙂 Kaya mo rin yan and with the right pair of shoes, I’m sure you’ll get into it in no time. 🙂 Pagpunta ko dyan, run tayo. Dream ko mag-jogging sa Golden Gate Park. Hehe.

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