Lay it down, flip it, and reverse it.

Each year, we experience a season of comings and goings, hellos and goodbyes, and in some cases, an opportunity to mingle with colleagues who make you want to seriously rethink where you are and what you have been doing with your life.

I believe that when you think of change, no matter how mundane the thoughts are, you have to listen to what it tells you; you must stop, consider, and then decide.  It takes a hell of courage to take that first brave step out the door.  It’s simple but it’s not easy.

With the activities I spend my time on: be it books, TV shows, hours of internet surfing, football, and more books, some may opine that I just thought I want to do something else but in truth, it’s just a passing fad.  Because I am really wired to gain happiness and contentment from [insert the activities an interests I mentioned early this paragraph].


Let us lay it down, flip it, and reverse it.

What if the very reasons I have been doing [insert activities and interests I mentioned way above] are brought by what I do now?  What if change would actually push me to stand up, walk, run, stride…do stuff?  You know, to be alive.

Anyway, long story short, I do not do these because I am preternaturally this; in fact, I do these because now, I only do this.  

Subjecting one’s self to change is always a chance to learn something new.  However, good timing heavily comes with it.  I have to work on the latter.  Almost 3 feet of my size 7 left strider is already out the door.  I will keep you posted.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie

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