I had been on a semi-roll with book memes and the possibility of writing a blog entry regularly again, and then real life happened.  I know it should not impede me on my path to becoming a determined blogger but it did.  I guess I have to do more re-organization and compartmentalization in order to get this online life – real life balance back on track.

I’ll be back, friends.  Meanwhile, I want you to know I’m still crazy over The Newsroom.  It is not a perfect show; it even has tons of flaws I could pick out per episode, but hell, I’ll take this form of entertainment any day.  Plus you know how much I’m a sucker for feisty ex-lovers with history and who obviously are not over it.

As Christian Grey (annoyingly) says to Ana Steele…”Laters, baby.”

Categories: Random Judie

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