Alive, Somewhere Else

I thought I could be that avid book blogger I wanted to be for the past six months but I couldn’t.  I tried.  Anyway, my consolation is that things are happening in my life, so it’s not as drab as I thought.

No updates about work and its peripheries even if it took most of my time, mainly because it’s something that’s always there, it’s not worth mentioning.  Still, I’m grateful.  On the family front, a sad event made it to my family as one of my beloved aunts passed away on Friday morning.  I have said it time and again that it’s terrible I get to come home to Cavite only when someone dies.  It forces me to re-think if it really is home.  A part of me says it still is, even if I have been out of there in more than a decade.  I still have bouts of mapping out a return of the prodigal town daughter but finances and basically a hazy future cannot make me commit to it.  Let’s see what happens in ten to twenty years.  For now, the most interesting thing I noticed was that almost everything looks smaller now; the size of the houses of my uncles and aunts, the streets, my favorite play corners.  Either they shrunk or I grew.  I am not sure what.

I also hit a reading slump because nine days into this month and I only finished one book.  Getting back on track soon.  It’s that time when no matter how ‘easy’ I think the reading material is, I really read very slowly.

Football time is slowly making itself felt in my calendar, too.  Just last week, the national team had two games (0-0 versus Cambodia on Wednesday and 2-0 versus Singapore [Yay! We haven’t won against them since 1972!] on Friday), and another one tomorrow (versus Laos).  These are all FIFA-sanctioned friendlies.  By the end of the month, they will be up against Guam, Chinese Taipei, and Macau for the Peace Cup (formerly the Long Teng Cup).  I’m happy we are hosting it so we get to watch all the games live!  As for the Premier League, I can only hope that Arsenal’s games versus Man City and Chelsea [most especially!] towards the end of the month will be carried by ESPN.

Fall TV season started as well.  I decided not to cramp my viewing calendar so I’m only looking forward to Castle, The Good Wife, The Mentalist,  and The Walking Dead.  While waiting for their season premieres, I have Suits, the latest of Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey to keep me company.  I’m still nursing some The Newsroom withdrawals.  The more vitriol that new show gained, the more I endeared myself to it, I don’t know why.  Maybe I love Aaron Sorkin that much.  Speaking of new shows, I’m not holding my breath for Elementary, a supposed US spinoff of Sherlock Holmes, but I’m adding it on my list, for good measure.

What else, what else?  Oh yeah, I watched The Phantom of the Opera today!  I’m glad they made the Philippines a part of their tour itinerary.  The show was amaaaazing.  Way better than the movie, not that they should be compared.  I still teared at the end!  Oh the fate of a broken heart. 😦  My friends and I were talking that after this, Wicked should come here next!  I’m sure it will be big, if not a bigger hit.

Tomorrow, we’ll be facing another hectic work week.  Same old, same old.  With small jolts and mini-excitements in between.  =)

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  1. I know the feeling about things looking smaller. When I went back to our old house in Las Pinas it all felt smaller to me. Or maybe because back then I looked at things through a child’s eyes.

    Did you ever take that Coursera class? I decided to stop with it. I realized that I had too much on my plate with work, blogging and trying to write my book. And there’s the new season of TV shows I’d love to watch pa 😛 I saw previews of Beauty and the Beast. Remake ba ito nung dati ni Linda Hamilton or bago siya?

    • I stopped after the second class din! I cannot find time eh, lagi ko nakakalimutan.

      Hmm, I have not come across Beauty and the Beast ah. Check ko nga. Sunud-sunod na nga yan eh. Goodluck sa bandwidth! =)

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