2013 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year!

It’s another year full of books and other wonderful things.  I am happy with the number of books I managed to read last year (oh, it seems so far away when yesterday, it’s still 2012).  For this new year, I upped my personal challenge to 82, having read 81 last year.  I may read more than that, who knows, but with my other plans this year, I think it will be sufficient to try to replicate my effort last year.

Apart from that reading challenge, which will be tracked through my Goodreads account, I present to you my other bookish goals for 2013:

2013 bookish goals1. Buy 12 books this year.  That’s right; 12 books.  That means one book a month, or whenever I feel like buying, so long as the total by December 31 is 12 books.  It’s utter torture, right?  However, I have to extremely lay low and control myself.  Why this torture of a challenge?  I have 926 books in my to-be-read (TBR) pile.  That’s just physical books; my e-books didn’t make the count but they’re a number to conquer as well.  That should be a sufficiently strong reason. 

2. Meet my reading challenge pledges.  I am in the process of signing up for four online reading challenges (excluding Goodreads).  I believe it will motivate me to map out which ones to read for the year.  Signing up is half the journey.  Links to these challenges will be up soon.

3. Write book reviews.  I mean, beyond rating it with stars and saying “It’s a good book, I like it.”  It is also one way of polishing my writing skills.

4. Read a minimum of five books from each year based on my updated booklist.  I make sure that I update this list as much as I can.  Tracking titles I own is like working around my TBR pile and make sure I don’t do “last bought, first read”.

5. Considerably slash my “currently reading” pile listed on my Goodreads page.  I know it is too ambitious to wipe it clean.  The books there are part of my 926 unread.  Giving them closure will be good.

6. Read a minimum of 10 books/novellas/comic books by Filipino authors.  Love your own!

7. Read more non-fiction books.  I have memoirs in the pipeline — which I noticed are mostly of US Secretaries of State! — and I know I have others in my TBR pile especially those I “hoarded” in graduate school.  Fukuyama! Friedman! Sachs! Diamond!

8. Read more literary classics.  There was a time I envied other readers for having read literary classics in middle school and college.  I don’t know what kind of reading curricula we had, but many of these classics did not figure out in my school requirements.  And I haven’t even read them until now.  I have a few of them in pile (Austen, Dostoyevksy, Chekhov, Solzhenitsyn, Bulgakov, etc.) so this year is high time to read them.  

There.  Eight very attainable bookish goals.  Let us revisit this by the end of the year to see how I fared.  

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  1. Ah yes, the long commutes! I probably wouldn’t have started reading/collecting books if I didn’t have long travel times when I was in college (and work too).

    I also alternate reading several books (right now I’m at 4), but… maybe it’s just me but I enjoy a book more if I read it through. Sort of like watching a movie. Then again I also have a poor memory so when I jump back to a book I usually don’t remember what’s happening/what’s happened anymore. And I like to match faces with the characters, and it’s hard to do if I switch between books.

    I like Patterson’s books because they’re “light” and easy to read, but I am not so sure they’re as “discussion-worthy” as some of the books you’re reading. Haha! I won’t blame you if you throw them out after reading them lol.

    • (sorry if I started a new reply, kind of new here in WordPress.com! haha)

    • I guess I’m lucky to have that gift of flipping a few pages or chapters back from where I left off then the story will come back to me. That’s why I have overdone my currently-reading pile. Or in other words, I have terrible ADD. Hahaha!

      Mind you, I also dabble into light reads and it’s more frequently now. I have a dedicated folder for books I categorized as “Trashies”. I regret nothing. 😉

  2. Is it bad if I use this blog to make myself feel better about my TBR pile? LOL. I may skimp on buying books as well, since I think I have caught up with some of my favorite authors’ books except for James Patterson, who puts out like a book a month. -.- I’m quite surprised that the last book I bought was in October, so I guess that’s good.

    How do you read so fast though?? Have you studied speed-reading?

    • Hahaha, not a problem. Use it to soothe yourself as many times as needed. I have a few Pattersons in my pile; maybe i’ll get to them soon and exchange thoughts with you?

      I don’t read fast — I think. I just alternate physical books with e-books, and genres every so often so I don’t get burned out. The long commute to and from work [San Andres Bukid traffic can be a real b*tch] was helpful, too.

  3. Those are wonderful goals. I feel like I have very similar ones as well! My bookshelves are overflowing, TBR pile rocks! There is a reason we brought them home in the first place, right? Also, a bunch of those are classics and while I have been reading tons of YA and paranormal, I know I like other stuff. Branch out! Good luck on your challenges and goals – I will be struggling right along with you. 🙂


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