Review: Relatively Famous

Relatively Famous

Meet Dani McKinley: A typical teen whose world is rocked when she finds out that her father is a famous Hollywood Action star. Now meet Mark Ocean: A self-serving actor with a floundering career who sees that a daughter is just what he needs to reinvent himself as a family man and get back on track. When the two decide to spend the summer together, they must not only wrangle their own love lives, but try to figure out who they really are to themselves and to each other.

This is surprisingly likable even though it is not an original story.  Reading this was like watching a Lifetime movie with all its feelings. 🙂  I find Dani to be a consistent character, even the time when she did something that can be considered un-Dani.  She’s a teenager who got the biggest surprise of her life and she was immediately propelled into living it.  However, what I found a bit contrived was the sudden turn of Mark’s feelings for his long-lost daughter.  Sure, there were moments (I cannot help but think of The Game Plan scenes right there although they were remotely similar) but Dani doing him a huge favor regarding a movie audition was his turning point. I mean, it was still for his career. His ambitious and overbearing agent Renni won’t surely buy it the way I didn’t.  Also, Dani’s new rich California friends weren’t exactly how I pictured Hollywood spoiled brats.  They were actually nicer and less douchy.  I don’t know, maybe they’re closer depictions and I am just overwhelmed by the reality shows?  But anyway, in the end, the story tied its loose ends the best way possible, and that’s satisfactory for me.

I downloaded this copy for free from Amazon last November. It didn’t occur to me until I was done with it that the author also wrote Flat-Out Love.  It was buzzed about in many book blogs I follow so I bought it middle of last year but as usual, I haven’t touched it yet.  I hope to do so soon.

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