Back to Work!

back to work

Today’s my first workday of the year.  If it’s a glimpse of  the year ahead, then it’s going to be an exercise in flexibility and time management.

As soon as I arrived, my Filipino boss approached me and said I need to catch up on our way to the contractor’s office which is down at the next city.  I knew before the year ended they had plans of letting me tag along this visit but I figured since I was out the entire last week, they either kicked me off the list or replaced me with another staff.  Well, they didn’t so I printed relevant stuff, grabbed my bag and my notebook, and off we went.

It was a good FGD and after a quick lunch we headed back to the office.  We weren’t done marveling at how Quezon Avenue traffic was so light after lunch when we hit Mabuhay Rotonda.  There were processions leading to the Quiapo Church and it also rained, so Espana wasn’t travel-friendly anymore.  I napped, tried to read from my tablet — which I forgot to charge, ugh — and exchanged anecdotes with my bosses, until we got to Morayta, where all vehicles were directed as roads to Quezon Boulevard were already closed.

We got to the office at 3:00 pm, an hour and half to go before official close of business.  Sure, there were items accomplished, but it really was a momentum-killer.  I managed to sift through and respond to a few of my unread emails and tick off items from my to-do list from the contractor’s visit. I decided to leave early and promised to start fresh tomorrow.

window shoppingRach and Gracie waited for me in Rob to look for clothes for upcoming events we’re going to in the next few weeks.  I really fell in love with a black peplum dress and a flattering black and white party dress in Cotton On which are both on sale.  I would have bought them if the peplum dress had a medium, and the party dress didn’t have a little mark that marred the white front.  I have to give points to the Cotton On staff for honesty — he told me he believes it’s a stain from unpacking the clothes and it may not come off.  Anyway, heading to the Cotton On branch in BHS to get the same ones soon.  I am really excited to wear dresses very soon.

After several domestic errands (I’m really liking this new role now, hahaha), I read a few chapters from The Spindlers for my Bout of Books 6.0 participation.  Won’t overwork my eyes tonight.  As I said, tomorrow, I will start fresh to get more work done. 🙂

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2 replies

  1. I love the white and black dress!

  2. interesting 1st day. ako back to blogging rin for 2013. Been updating some of my blogs more actively na plus may time habang nasa singapore rin to blog. Hope to see you in those dresses soon ! 🙂

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