Let’s Pause and Talk About This.

Before last year ended I wrote, Going back to other nice things — I once wrote it in my journal, about one day looking at someone and it’s like a switch was turned on and you’re looking at that person differently.  I am prepared to shrug it off knowing how gossip in the workplace goes around, but why, why do I have to know he loves to read and he’s journaling?

It gets better.  He prefers trade copies or paperbacks than hardbacks, his books are more likely full of marginalia, he can spend his vacation days inside a bookstore, he reads books thematically, and on the non-bookish side, his former career is the same one I’ve been eyeing for years.   He’s almost the male me!  If you think I should have freaked out, I didn’t,  when I discovered what he likes to read.  He’s a non-fiction person and reads mostly very different materials from what I read.  Nice balance, see?  Ugh, universe.  One more case of finding the right person at the wrong time.  However, mind you, I’m ready to hit that nerd anytime.  Sheer torture, really.

I cannot and am definitely not going to say what will happen in the coming days but one of the things that prevents me from going for it is…let me just say, in finding something about him, someone found me instead.

Nonetheless, let me just enjoy each day until 2014.  If you know me and this crazy episode, yes, I know and actually believe the nasty rumors, and I seriously don’t give a bookworm’s ass, mainly because it’s none of my business.  It even all the more proved to me he’s a normal guy.

I wrote this while under heavy medication, by the way.

So, how was your long weekend? 🙂

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  1. We need to discuss this lechemars.

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