Re-loving Magazines

I might start reading magazines again to spice up my reading life.

I stopped my regular magazine fare considerably after I severed my 5-year ties with Vanity Fair when they started screwing my deliveries four years ago.  I was such a cheapskate that I also gave up my other subscriptions since I haven’t even opened an issue and next thing I know, another issue was in my mailbox.  It was such an overwhelming time.

Lately, I’ve been treated to online articles shared to me, and for full columns unavailable online, it pays to have a physical issue within reach.  It also made me miss my office library because I used to borrow scholarly and reportage/commentary/critique magazines from them.  I’m happy that the library is moving back to the office compound in April.  In the meantime, I am happy I can get issues of The Point and The New Yorker from someone.

Many fellow readers know I have a thematic reading plan which I kept on rewriting since December 31.  Look at me now, just when I decided to settle on a schedule, I’m deciding to throw magazines in the mix.  Someone told me doing my kind of reading plan isn’t necessarily related to reading and I just have to read whatever floats my boat.  To some extent, I agree, but a part of me likes to have a plan I can refer to from time to time.  It’s such a hearty discussion where I got someone to be on my side, and one adamantly countered it because “you can still be neurotic without being thorough”.   Well, I’ll let you know which sentiment prevailed later.

In the meantime, it’s hooray for more reading materials.  You can never really get enough.


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