Weekend Bender

No matter how short, I always look forward to weekends.  Lately, I no longer spend all my time hunched in my chair, pausing only to relieve myself.  Lately, I go out, do things, meet people — you know, normal human stuff.  For the past three weeks, my Saturday routine was defined by soccer training provided by the amazing people behind Dream Big Pilipinas, lunch in Salcedo Community Market, and other errands in the afternoon.  My naturally lethargic self realized you really can do a lot in one day.  Long ago, daytime translates to 10-12 episodes of an hour-long TV show.

My weekend started early because of the basketball championship game in the office on Friday.  Not only because my agency was playing in the finals, I like it when we get to mingle and fraternize with co-employees.  If not for this activity, I can only count the general assembly of the cooperative and the organization-wide holiday party as our chances to bump into each other.

So, our home team.  We lost.  We were in 2nd place again.  I still consider it part of our growing pains.  Five long years ago, we started fielding people only to take home the Best in Uniform award at the opening ceremony and the journey ended there.  Now we’re advancing to the finals. I say let us bask in that feat for maybe one more year?  It wasn’t just the right time.  Our players played all heart and energy the entire season and that’s something to be very proud of.

A personal highlight was getting sloshed after 3.5 bottles of cheap vodka and beer.  I surprised myself there.  I used to down pitchers of strong cocktails while my friends were ranting about their lives.  Aging, I guess?  Anyway, a colleague was gracious enough to open his house to us and serve strong coffee (for me) and tea (for them).  I know I wasn’t completely myself (oh but I was, what I meant was my “Judie for public consumption” self) but the experience was a good start.  See, as foreign and local employees who work together every day, I really wanted for us to try and do things together outside of work.  Gone are the days when it’s normal to hang out.  That’s why I appreciate it when there are foreign staff like them who take time to get to know us.

Personal matters were discussed during that impromptu house raid and what I fancied more importantly were: a huge framed diagram of the characters of DFW’s Infinite Jest and Ward Shelley’s History of Science Fiction.  The latter made my heart skip twenty beats.  I wanted to steal it (Kidding, L).  The host also has books lying around everywhere and his playlist is cool.  This is a man who actually exists, you guys.  And he is very tall.

I also got excited over prospects of us girls hanging out, with even a possibility of themed parties. Wonderful women after my own heart.

Let’s jump to Saturday after lunch when we tried to go around Art in the Park in Salcedo.  I did not see two friends who were exhibitors because I was an aimlessly wandering idiot after lunch.  A day later I realized it’s because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and in fact I lost them. That’s how I roll, for your information.

Dinner was courtesy of two friends celebrating their birthdays this month at a Filipino restaurant two cities away.  Horrendous traffic, but for people I care about, it’s always worth it.  We ate like starving gladiators, briefly discussed work (“Is your employer really that poor?”), sealed an island trip after summer, and graciously ignored each other until 1 am in favor of Candy Crush and 4Pics 1Word. That’s genuine friendship, ladies and germs.  By the way, I’m still stuck in Level 23 on Candy Crush.  For 22 days.  Sure, I don’t play very regularly, but I cannot find it in my heart to quit just yet.

After the I-lost-my-glasses-after-all realization, I had new ones fitted.  Life became high def again.  During mass I was praying harder over something I asked an apology for.  I felt wronged — and mildly cyber harassed too — but hey, I said stuff as well. I was also mean, yes. I was contemplating it until Father Perry, very timely, said Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.  I felt much better afterwards.

It was reading time the rest of the night, much to my delight.  Save for purchases I still could have avoided, all else constitutes an awesome weekend.  Definitely my kind of thing.

How was your weekend?

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