Bearable Lightness

It was a sweet and steady Saturday.  I love every bit of it.

As you know, I share a small apartment with my mother and last month, I decided to camp downstairs and make the ground floor my studio-type place of sorts.  Well, it really is like a studio-type apartment because I have the small kitchen, T&B, tiny dining room, and living room — which magically transforms into my sleeping area at night — to myself.  I love the solitude, not that I didn’t have it before, as Mom and I hardly saw each other anyway.  My point is, I feel that I’m living by myself more lately.  It’s hard, especially the cooking/ feeding myself part, and the cleaning aspect, but I’m getting by.

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Anyway, today’s a delightful one because I accomplished a lot.  My errands and to-do lists do not measure up to world-changing advocacies other people have but I’m happy, so I guess that’s the more important thing.  TV stuff here, clean up there, a semi-successful cooking attempt here [you will hardly go wrong with ‘cheesy scrambled eggs’ from Google, hey], mangling of some shirts there, and bam, my morning’s done.

This afternoon saw me at the newly-relocated Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Museum.  Isn’t it awesome that they put two of my favorite places in one building?  Anyway, staying inside the library on the 6th floor was a great refuge from the weather outside.  I was one of four library visitors and it was clear I was the only non-researcher.  Still, feel na feel ko pa din.  Three topics were on top of my head as I strode over to their online catalog: migration of Filipinos to the US [more like anecdotes and all those diaspora stories], gender and women studies topics, and Philippine folklore and mythology.  I ended up browsing more of the first, and ultimately asked the librarian for two resources.

First was Hope Sabanpan-Yu’s Bridging Cultures: The Migrant Philippine Woman in the Works of Jessica Hagedorn, Fatima Lim-Wilson, and Sophia Romero.  It’s a short, fluid read about the topic, clearly gleaned from the title.  I deliberately skipped many items because Ms. Yu fleshed out three works of the authors named above, and I will be spoiled by reading her critique.  After this, let’s just say I will look for  Romero’s Always Hiding, Lim-Wilson’s Crossing the Snow Bridge, and finally read Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love [I have a sinking feeling I left my copy in Taipei because I haven’t seen it since but I’m not willing it].

The second one I borrowed was Leche by R. Zamora Linmark.  Because it was closing time, I only got as far as the 75th page but I can say it’s hilariously spot-on.  If I don’t find it in bookstores, I will go back to FHL and borrow it again.  In addition, and I know the direction isn’t the same, but it made me mentally note of  Alex Gilvarry’s From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant.

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I also bought stuff for a day climb in Batangas this Bataan Day holiday.  It’s been a while since I did this kind of physical activity but I know I’m in much better condition than previous treks.  I also debated whether to get a new trail footwear or not.  I don’t own hiking shoes but in my past climbs and treks I used my trusty Chaski sandals from Columbia.  It looks flimsy but it’s very durable.  Think Sumaguing cave in Sagada and long walks in Bohol; not once did it fail me and now it still looks okay.  Let’s see.  We have a particularly dry weather [hopefully on Tuesday, too] so I may not need stronger, newer sole grips.  My funny concern, in fact, is tripping on flat surfaces.  I have a natural talent for it.

This half-day climb will be for my Dad, as my birthday tradition for him this year.  Will probably expound more on that after the event. If I may confess, I’m also looking forward a lot to our bulalo foodfest, post-climb.  It’s only a day of break so we have to make it count.

I skipped an exhibit opening in favor of a convincing tug to dine alone and read.  The only downside of sorts is that I seem to have an addiction to Starbucks’ Asian dolce latte.  I just tell myself by May it will be pulled out from the menu so let me enjoy it until then. I believe it was a productive reading time [winging it, following XP‘s advice] because before I knew it, it’s almost midnight.  Lest you’re still lost, this is what makes me tick every.single.time.

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I say it’s bearable lightness because it may appear aimless, fluffy, a let-it-flow whichever way kind of day but I enjoyed it: not out of obligation, out of necessity, out of responsibility [well, some were necessary to survive, but you get what I mean].  However, tapping a hidden part of me, there’s still that tiny thought that this may be happier, more delightful, more bearable, if there’s someone asking how it has been.  I highly recommend me times but at the end of a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone waiting? ♥

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  My introvert self wouldn’t trade this Saturday for anything [except for a steamy moment with George Clooney inside a library, but what are the odds of that?].  I am just wondering.  So for now, I’m just going to ignore it.  I had fun.  I hope you did, too.

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5 replies

  1. Oh wow I’m addicted to Asian Dolce Latte tooooooo!! Haha! It looks like I have a new library that needs visiting (idea: why don’t we Ex Libris people go around the libraries in Manila?! I’ve only ever been to college libraries, NEVER public libraries!!??! *shame*)

    • Oh di ba it’s inexplicably addicting, to think it’s just two shots of espresso and milk!
      Yes, please swing by. I don’t know of any other public library in the city, meron pa ba? We should totally do that. 🙂

  2. WTH@!:&*( Your blog has an ad! Wow!

  3. Me times are the best, especially for people like us (I’m assuming) who are really introverted living in an extrovert’s body. Haha. Can’t wait to visit the new FHL (is it better than the original?) and dream about our library of the future 🙂

    • An introvert living in an extrovert’s body — I like that! 🙂
      The old one has more library-ish vibe but this one is great din. I plan to go back this Saturday because of a book I did not finish. Will apply for membership na din.

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