Bout of Books 8.0: Progress/Finish Line Post

BoB8.0It’s a rainy kickoff of Bout of Books 8.0 for me here in the Philippines.  At any rate, I am making this post to track down my progress for this readathon.  The weather is predicted to be bumpy and wet at best until Thursday, so in the interest of safety, I will try to stay in, which hopefully translates to more reading time!

As I mentioned, I am still in the middle of my Filipino Lit Readathon so all the books I will read this week will be by Filipino authors, but not all of them are in Filipino.

Ladies and gents, here’s how I fared in Bout of Books 8.0:


I also joined the bookish bucket list challenge over at Sarah Says Read.  Head over to her mini-challenge post if you want to join to win Amazon or BD GCs!


It was a very busy day even if I only stayed at home.  It’s the second day of Typhoon Maring which brought floods all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.  On the homefront, I had to be in touch with my boss and other colleagues for coordination and work-from-home updates.  In between, I was grateful to have spent some reading time with a compelling book. Loved The Mango Bride!  Unfortunately, I was unable to join any challenge for the day.


Yet another busy day, courtesy of the events yesterday! No challenge participated in but I blog-hopped a few times, and finished a book by one of my favorite local authors. Not bad, right?


  • Books Read: none; halfway through Fairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra
  • Total Number of Books Read: 3.5

It’s back to work for me, meaning I had to take back my approved leave.  It’s such a busy time at work but I squeezed some reading time in.  A hopeful part about today is that I can almost smell the weekend, and I can feel I could catch up bigtime.


  • Books Read: last half of Fairy Tale Fail, two chapters of Unseen Moon (e-book)
  • Total Number of Books Read: 4


  • Books Read: none (ugh)
  • Total Number of Books Read: 4

It was a busy day with domestic errands in the morning, book club session after lunch, then a football charity match in the evening. Fun day though.


  • Books Read: The Interim Goddess of Love by Mina V. Esguerra
  • Total Number of Books Read: 5

Yay, cannot believe it’s been a week already!  Glad to have pulled off 5 books from my pile, and consistently so with my Filipino Lit theme.  it’s almost funny how many setbacks in real life come along whenever I participate in BoB: for this week, it’s typhoon/flooding and a huge rally near my place of work! Looking at the teeny tiny silver lining, I am satisfied with 5 books read this week.

Thanks again to everyone who put this together and congratulations to all the participants!  We made it.  See you in 9.0!

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