Better Late Than Never Book Loot Report!

Wow, it’s less than three months until 2013 ends. Last week I kind of admitted that this is not my reading year considering the number of books I must have read by now but has not just as we are ushering to the last quarter of the year. I’m just thinking that five years ago, reading 25-30 books a year was normal, so it’s not as if this is a huge letdown. Maybe I really became busy with many things.

However, my book-buying is still like before. As of my last count, I bought 92 books already. My OC side wants to make it a clean 100. I have 77 days to go so I think that’s doable. Hahaha.

September was such a book-buying period what with the insane cut-price sale of National Bookstore, Bestsellers, and Powerbooks. There was also Aklatan, the first All-Filipino Book Fair, and the Manila International Book Fair. I saved money weeks before September but as usual, the money I had on hand was not sufficient. Dip into my savings! I have to prioritize my happiness, people!

My National loot was repressed and conservative because I didn’t want to run out of money for the next book fairs. I still managed to snag quite a lot because I decided to continue completing my Anita Blake series.

NBS Sep 2013

A part of my NBS/Powerbooks sale stash: A comic book adapted from Clive Barker’s Tapping the Vein, Jessica Hagedorn’s Toxicolgy, Jonathan Franzen’s The Twenty-Seventh City, Android Karenina, and a YA fantasy book, Dark Reflections.

Anita Blakes

Here are more Anita Blake books to add to my collection. After the sale, I chanced on another hardback from Booksale. I am that kind of person who carries an Anita Blake list in my purse and I highlight the titles I already bought. Completist itch for the win!

Aklatan was a fun event even if I was nursing a terrible flu the entire day. I was the lady wearing a green top sneezing like a troll inside the venue. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t have the courage to go around and have my books signed, meet people, and talk to exhibitors. But since I was already there, I mustered sufficient courage to go up and talk to a few of my favorite authors I saw at the fair, germs and viruses notwithstanding. At the end of the day I had Project 17 and A Bottle of Storm Clouds signed by Eliza Victoria and the latest Trese installment, Stories from the Diabolical, signed by Budjette Tan. I had a considerable number of books bought. So proud of Pinoy literature!


Some of my Aklatan loot. I am in awe of these books. I once posted that with a culture as rich as ours, we would never run out of stories to tell. Fantasy and folklore, we’re rockin’ it.

Less than a week after Aklatan came the MIBF. I filed for annual leave weeks ago just to go to on opening day. Taas kamay ng excited!  I was still under the weather that day but it didn’t stop me. Now, I really say that going to MIBF before the weekend is less stressful, especially if you are not into maddening crowds. I stayed away from FullyBooked and National Bookstore on purpose. Anvil was the biggest hit for me! Aside from books, I also got to buy activity books as Christmas gifts for nieces, nephews, and godchildren. I also enjoyed my stay in New Day Publishers. One vivid takeaway I had from Aklatan was the multiple mentions of Edith Tiempo in the women writer’s panel. I chanced on Edith Tiempo books in New Day for less than 50 a pop! Then a very smart and accommodating lady who, I learned later, was New Day’s head financial officer, also recommended the books of Edilberto K. Tiempo, Edith’s husband. It was a very smart buy especially now that I’m into knowing more about decades-early Philippine literature. My mom and I also decided to buy a Filipino-translated version Daughter of Smoke and Bone and one by Danielle Steel whose title escapes me now. There were more titles available and someday soon I may give them a try. I started Daughter… a few weeks ago and found it compelling but not as easy as I thought it would be.

MIBF loot

My MIBF 2013 stash: on the left are my Tiempo books and you will also see two non-fiction titles. I kind of miss graduate school so I got both Bello’s and David’s.

I went back to MIBF on Saturday, aka the fun Divisoria-in-December version of the book fair. It was also for the book session/book-“gloating”  of my book club, alright? J Aside from a picture with a mascot and buying Christmas gifts for friends in the office (I bought gifts for 32 people this early! Yay to me), I only went back to Anvil for more books.

I only had about two weeks of I’m-gonna-forget-about-buying when I slipped because of a visit to Booksale MOA (which was only a week ago, haha). From then until today, that’s ten books easily grabbed from the shelves.

Thanks, Booksale: Another Anita Blake hardback, Straub's The Throat, and a classic Clancy which I bought the day he died.

Thanks, Booksale: Another Anita Blake hardback, Straub’s The Throat, and a classic Clancy which I bought the day he died.

For 200 pesos ($4.5), look! Booksale Pedro Gil is small but definitely worth the trip.

Since our humble apartment is literally running out of space, I resorted to plastic container boxes. I bought four last night and they will be filled up soon enough.

That’s about it. Oh, the fun of it all!

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  1. AHA! Ikaw pala yung humawa sa akin! Haha, joke lang! It was great to see you! I would have wanted to stay and chat kaso ang damiiiiing tao. Hope you’ll enjoy my humble SF contribution. 😉


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