All is good.

for now

Screencapped from a .gif made by Mandy of

Alexis: Does she make you happy?
Castle: Yeah, she does.
Alexis: Is it enough?
Castle: It’s enough for now.

Before Castle and Beckett officially became a couple, this was one of my favorite scenes of Rick Castle expressing feelings for her. But let’s forget about that for a while.

Two months ago, I posted this on tumblr and said that this is exactly what my romantic life is, just interchange pronouns here and there. It still is. I don’t know how it evolved, how quickly it progressed, how it even started, but I’m not bothering myself with the details. Nothing is happening and I don’t know if something, anything will happen, but like Castle said, whatever is here, whatever we have, for me it’s enough for now.

When our dynamics change, proximity-wise, in six weeks, let us see. I am prepared with all the possibilities but not favoring one. Let us wait and see.

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