2013 Reading Report

Well hello there. I bring you my somewhat underperforming bookish self in 2013. Now, the rundown:

I had to downsize my reading goal from 82 to to 60 and I still didn’t even reach it. The “challenges” I posted, none except for one was met.

However, I consider reading 18 Philippine-published books out of 56 an achievement. While I failed in my ridiculous promise of buying only 12 books last year, I take pride in all my loot from the book fairs in September.

I also started joining blog tours of books by locally-published authors. I only did three participations and they were all learning experiences. I was also lucky to be part of Book Junkie Blog Tour’s Circle of Bloggers [thanks, Dia!].

Okay, so maybe it’s not all bad! 🙂 Out of 56 I read last year, here are my top ten. I put them in alphabetical order because ranking them would take longer deliberation. *snickers*

  1. Eleanor & Park [Rainbow Rowell]
  2. Gone Girl [Gillian Flynn]
  3. The Mango Bride [Marivi Soliven]
  4. Manila Noir [Jessica Hagedorn, ed.]
  5. Me Before You [Jojo Moyes]
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane [Neil Gaiman]
  7. The Silver Linings Playbook [Matthew Quirk]
  8. Skyworld 1 /Skyworld 2 [Mervin Ignacio]
  9. The Spindlers [Lauren Oliver]
  10. Unseen Moon [Eliza Victoria]

There. For this year, I will go back to reading on my own. While readathon participations are fun and a great way to expand my bibliophile network, toward the end it becomes more of a race for me, even when it shouldn’t be that way. I would like to remove my self-imposed (invisible) pressure and just go back to reading enjoyably. There’d still be themed reading once in a while but it’s more for order and method to the madness than anything else. Here’s to a more active reading plate in 2014!

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  1. Thank you, 2013. | Citizen Judie

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