Bye, Nokia!

Everyone knows by now that Nokia bid farewell to the world and is now Microsoft Mobile. I am left amused by all the posts about it, particularly those from loyal users, because even if they were obviously surpassed by other brands in recent years, they were once THE brand of mobile phones for most Filipinos. Inspired by Rappler’s article on unforgettable Nokia phones, I’d like to remember my modest number of mobile phones through the years, most of which were Nokia, as it remained my phone of choice until, well, they turned over a new leaf.


Ericsson GA628

I was not a Nokia user through and through. In fact, my very first phone back in 1999 was an Ericsson GA28. It had a classic one-liner screen with convertible keypad covers. It was witness to the blossoming of my college romance. 😉 Imagine, a one-liner screen! My college boyfriend’s phone then was a Nokia so obviously I couldn’t make out the graphics he was sending; I just replied with thank you with < and 3. 😉 I had my Ericsson when everyone started with fast-changing Nokia models.


Nokia 3210

Before my college internship, my parents bought me a Nokia 3210 and I was so happy. It’s slim, sexy, and looked so serious with its grey finish. I can finally play Snake! Unfortunately, it was stolen one sunny afternoon inside the jeepney at the intersection of Quirino and Pedro Gil. I was so annoyingly innocent when a woman and a child sitting on her lap kept on bumping me, yun pala she was already opening the zipper of my bag. Well, what’s done’s done, so major sobfest followed and I was left with no phone for a time.


Ericsson A3618

Before my university graduation, my dad asked me for a phone model as graduation gift – many people were getting crazy with Nokias then – the smaller, the cooler! – but for some reason I took a fancy on another Ericsson. The model was A3618. It’s small too (so I was still in) and a combination of light blue and grey on the outside. This was my phone when an HR personnel called me and told me I was hired for the clerk job I applied for. My very first paying job! It stayed until well into my first few months at work in 2003.



Nokia 6210


Nokia 6600

I had another Nokia from a co-worker, a slightly used 6210, which to me looked professional. That’s what I thought of it, and I didn’t know why. It started to fall apart so I replaced it with 6600 which was the most durable phone I’ve ever had. It’s still being used by a relative in the province! It had its moments of restarting and losing everything so I learned to back everything up. This was my first camera phone so imagine the amount of selfies I had! And in different locations, no less. So selfies aren’t just a thing of recent past. It was in 2005 when I had it, and I already considered myself too late and too behind the trend, except that I think we didn’t call it taking a selfie.


Nokia 3120

The trend of maintaining two numbers from different networks caught up with me so in early 2009, I bought a cheap but sturdy 3120. It’s still working fine until now but I had to give it to my uncle. It was a phone that became my “jeepney phone”, meaning I can confidently whip it out on my commute with no fear of it getting snatched. Moreso when it had scatches on the sides which I didn’t bother touching up.


Nokia E63

As Christmas gift to myself in 2009, I purchased an E63. Finally, a QWERTY keypad! I felt so in. LOL. It also proved to be very useful and not to mention sturdy. I always drop my things even without provocation and this phone suffered this abuse many times. I only gave it up after four years because one of its keys was broken (by my own thumbnail; crazy texting, I think) and random keys acted they were the Send button so even if I was not done typing, it’d send. Sayang ang piso!


Nokia Lumia 520

This is why seven months ago, I bought a red Lumia 520. It’s a bit hard for me to adjust to it because it’s smaller than what I thought I could handle for a touch-screen phone (FAT FINGERS! FAT FINGERS!) but I think I got the hang of it. Admittedly, there are limitations in what they offer in terms of applications, but they have counterparts for the common ones they don’t have (6Tag for Instagram, CloudSix for Dropbox), so I’m okay with it.

I couldn’t say it’s going to be my last Nokia phone because I still want either a Lumia 625 or possibly a Nokia X. I don’t think now that they rebranded, models with the actual name of Nokia will be pulled out, won’t they?

For now, I want to say thanks, Nokia. I may have only enjoyed five (and is still using one) of your phones, among hundreds of your models, but it’s been a great ride.

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