Chips Falling

After nine months and how many days, I ate chips again.This was a decision I made as hastily as I did swearing off chips last year. It’s not an exclusive “no junk foods” anymore pledge, because that category is so wide, I’m simply kidding myself.

By swear off, I meant I decided not to eat the usual junk food I consume with gusto with milk tea or Coke Zero — that means Cheetos, Ruffles, Piattos Sour Cream (the green one), Clover, and Mr. Chips. Those were my usuals. It was not as tough as I thought it would be, probably because I was in my chocolate phase then. I found myself without resistance whenever I had to say no to chips, and frankly, having lasted this long, is good enough for me.


Hello, Clover! Nice to taste you again after almost ten months.

I found myself craving for Clover (I think I even dreamt of it) this afternoon, while nursing my incessant migraine. After chicken soup for breakfast and lunch, I found myself buying a pack from the sari-sari store next door and eating it. It was just right though. No, “Oh I missed you so much!” feeling. Let us see when I get Jalapeno Cheetos though — dipped in mayonnaise. That is the bomb. But maybe not now.

Giving up certain junk foods meant I had to make substitutes. Health-wise I may not have made changes at all for I substituted Potato Corner and Bread Pan whenever I craved for something salty. Well, at least I gave something up. I don’t know if I will go back to eating my former “usuals” again after this. I am not thinking about it as much. Will keep you posted. 😉

Categories: Random Judie

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