The Humans by Matt Haig

From Goodreads: Our hero, Professor Andrew Martin, is dead before the book even begins. As it turns out, though, he wasn’t a very nice man–as the alien imposter who now occupies his body discovers. Sent to Earth to destroy evidence that Andrew had solved a major mathematical problem, the alien soon finds himself learning more about the professor, his family, and “the humans” than he ever expected. When he begins to fall for his own wife and son–who have no idea he’s not the real Andrew–the alien must choose between completing his mission and returning home or finding a new home right here on Earth.

Format: Trade Paperback
Source: Bought in National Bookstore Harrison Plaza (December 2014)


I am glad I picked this book one random afternoon before 2014 ended. It turned out to be my best read of the year so far; well, depending on the materials I will get my hands on in the next 7 months.

The book could be dark but it’s hit-the-nail-on-the-head funny most of the time. It had me laughing at the alien protagonist even with his sinister plans (in the beginning) and journeyed with him when he realized that Earth and its underachieving, under-developed habitants have more to them that are worth appreciating. When he slowly learned to embrace Earth’s ironies and imperfections, the gradual transition felt genuine, if only because it also confused him. The narration always comes back to the funny bits. I particularly loved his “97 Advice to Humans.” So quotable, most of them. I love how Matt Haig used beautiful words to come up with such passages. Here is one I shared with my Facebook friends as I was reading it:


After this, I will gladly welcome another Matt Haig book. I was lucky I chanced on The Radleys in Booksale last month. I may not be able to read it soon but I am sure I’m already going to enjoy it as I learned his writing style with this book.

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