The Sweetest Fun

It was November last year when I started thinking of someone more often than usual. The ebbs and flows have been intense, and then not, and then it’s back again. In between working and extra-curriculars, trips and what-nots, of dead-end attempts to exchange Facebook messages, it’s pretty safe to say, I made it one year of this good feeling.

The difference is that this one is not within my immediate compound, one that I am prone to see, accidentally or otherwise. So I do not know if this bodes well in my favor or not, seeing that all my attempts have been naught anyway.

See, this is the same kind of routine that only changes the other personality involved. I do not know why I gladly go through this again and again. I mean, in the words of Bachelor Girl:

  • walking under a bus
  • getting hit by a train
  • sinking down at sea
  • crashing my car
  • going insane

It feels so good you just do it over and over, as if you’re on a trampoline.

Categories: Romantic Judie

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