Giving Up

Lenten season ushered in and per tradition, I promised to give up certain activities I was so used doing or food I was so used eating in a sacrificial kind of way. When I started this yearly tradition I chose activities or things that were not strong enough to merit sacrifice (taking a cab to work, for one) and I was told it’s a futile effort. Whatever I’m giving up has to be an essential part, luxury if you may, of my everyday life.

I thought about it hard and came up with the following:

1. Do not buy books, physical or electronic.
I have done this before, lasting six months one time, and it was hard. Even when I was financially struggling I still found ways to buy books. There are books I badly want to be part of my TBR pile and with several financial blessings coming in, it will be a huge effort for me not to spend all most of them on books and graphic novels.

2. Do not eat junk foods.
Junk food is a relative concept. I limited this to chips and canned snacks. As in chichirya. If you know me enough, you know I love nibbling on them any time of the day. I still do not have substitutes right now but I’ll figure it out soon.

3. No to “expensive”, mainstream, popular, “designer” coffee.
Okay, simply put, I meant Starbucks, CBTL, UCC, Toby’s, and the like. Small LOCAL coffee shops (which may not be necessarily cheaper) are my exceptions. #SupportLocal

4. Read books I borrowed from friends.
Oh I have plenty. Two bags full. It didn’t help that my book club is so generous and very very rarely sets a due date. It will be 6.5 weeks so I am certain I will make a dent. There are chunksters in the mix, too (Paullina Simons ‘Bronze Horseman’ trilogy) so I should start as soon as possible.

5. Do not eat pork in any form. 
Even if it means a temporary goodbye to MealStop’s lumpiang shanghai which is one of my favorite things in the world.

They may not be grand things but they have an impact when I cut them off. You can also glimpse how “unhealthy” my life is, ‘no? If I can make it longer than 47-something days (after Easter Sunday), then I’d consider it a promising run. Wish me luck! As always, by the grace of God. 🙂

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  1. legal…e um jeito simples d economizar energia u00e9 baixar o black pixel, u00e9 um quadradinho preto q fica o tempo todo na tela do pc e economiza muu Click

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