Up and About for the nth Time

IMG_20150102_173800After 13 years of my online presence, after hopping from one platform to another, staying longer in some because I had issues things to write about, I finally decided to park my name and buy a domain.

I have always wanted a dot ph after whatever name I decide on, and I’m glad it worked out fast – thanks, dotPH!

The very sporadic and very meh blog posts before this were feeble attempts. I did not force them mainly because there’s nothing more to give (nag-uumpisa na ang drama, haha). I was mostly influenced by Mika to go through with this, and with it came the hope that like an injury on therapy, I’d get my groove back.

If you were reading me before, I was more expression than a source of information. I may still be that way; I’m not sure. Who doesn’t have drama, but aging has tempered me a bit so I could go the other way. I still read and hoard books, have considerably lessened the TV shows I watch, still doing the same thing that pays my bills. Same old, same old. I have tried going out and I still get pulled back (on my own or through rejection). Might as well find other avenues to channel my dwindling enthusiasm, ‘no?

This blogging thingy (thank you, PH elections) is not entirely new but a revival like this gives me a fresher perspective. So welcome back, me. I will try to stay awake.

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3 replies

  1. Yey congrats! The blog has once again risen!

  2. aha
    eto pala yon
    congrats, yummy friend
    sana magbunga ire
    same bday ng domain mo si janet!

  3. Yay, Ms. J! Congrats!!! 🙂

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