I know that was you, God.

In the hustle and bustle of work days, we have to step back and think about how God saves us in many different ways, like a parent always ready to catch a kid even before bad things happen.

Okay, I admit there were times I was taught hard lessons because my carelessness and overall unmindfulness (fine, katangahan hahaha) have taken over me. Maybe at this point on, I will learn to crawl out of that zone (and let us not jinx it please).

I decided to go home early today, and minutes after I rode my ride I checked my phone and found a text message from my Mom telling me she’s in Robinsons. I called to tell her I was on my way home yet she said we can hangout for a bit at the mall (free dinner, Judie, free dinner). My initial reaction was irritation because I’m a spoiled brat like that I was set on going home early. I was ready to throw kamalditahans when I felt something heavy at the right side of my bag when I was alighting the jeep. I looked and there’s a man with a backpack covering the space between us. I pulled my bag and stared hard (good thing pala, nagiinternalize na ako ng kamalditahan by then). He was taken aback and said, “Uy nagulat ka, miss?” Bale ba naman, I think I kind of hit him on the nose — sa laki ko ba namang ito at sa laki ng braso ko, imagine nyo bigla ako nagjerk ng braso sa isang masikip na jeep. I hardly ever think of a comeback that easily so I continued staring at him and stomping my feet hard as I was getting off the jeep.

I could have said aloud pala, “Akala ko kasi may dinudukot ka sa bag ko” to alert fellow passengers. But I didn’t. My tiny instinct was at work then, and for that I’m thankful.

I had a short moment of doubt that the man may have been a fellow worker like me (bihis laborer sya). But the seemingly empty backpack and the heavy thing which I can only assume was a hand ready to go in and take stuff from my bag were very clear MOs we have heard before.

So as my title goes, I felt more guilty feeling bad about that slight change in my schedule. And maybe God decided, naku kakawala lang ng phone nito, huwag na muna mawalan ng isa pa. Hahaha! But seriously, my thought after that was, I know it was you, God. Thanks for saving me. Again. 

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  1. Manila will never be Manila without the crooks around. But yup, I believe that was God, too.

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