This year, 2018, has been all kinds of interesting, eventful, hurtful, shocking, and surprising to me. In many aspects of my life, not just in one. Major shakeups and new feelings I didn’t know I can possibly feel. I don’t want to say I cannot wait for the year to be over. I want to claim this year will end on a much better note, full of redemption and new chances and open doors. Whew. Kumakapit pa ako. Andito pa. Check on your strong, funny, noisy friends when you get a chance. Baka kailangan nila ng crutch or kahit estribo lang na pwedeng hawakan in the meantime. 😦

Categories: Citizen Judie

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  1. Bakit ako affected? Ganyan din ang taon ko. Shocking, eventful, hurtful, and interesting na rin. Nakakabigla ang mga pagbabago. Nakakagulantangg pa Rin Ang ilang tao. But ok din dahil revealing. People are revealed to us even if their intentions are still cloudy and masked. It ang tipo Ng taon na sobrang nakakaalog. Kagagawan ng sarili at ng ‘normal’ na agos ng haybu. Pero I trust na magiging maayos. At maalog man mga mundo natin sa ngayon, all the crumbs will fall into the crevices until malinis at payapa na muli
    Kapit Lang judie. Sabay sabay tayong kumapit ng mahigpit. Basta be wise and be smart lalo na pag nasa zoo. Dito Lang me always. 🤗 /tcn

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