Coffee Nut M&Ms Exist, You Guys

Coffee Nut M&Ms exist and it is my favorite flavor as of late.

The Y and I were doing our grocery run in Target when I checked the chocolates aisle and didn’t find my favorite variant. He won’t believe it exists. I insisted harder. A Target staff heard me and commented, “That’s a good one.” See? I motioned to The Y.

A few steps later Target guy went back and offered to find if they have it on stock. Type type type on his console thingy. Nope, there wasn’t any.

“You can call M&M and ask to make them. I overheard you guys and thought that sounds really good.”

It turned out he wasn’t convinced either and just had to look it up. Hmm, does it not exist? What was I hoarding and eating a lot of all along?

We swung by the nearby Walmart for more items and ha, there it was, found it, a medium bag of coffee nut M&Ms!!!

I felt so vindicated! But argh there’s no one to be smug with! The Y had his, “Hmm, wow so it does exist. Buy it then” unimpressed face. My victory face was spoiled.

Anyway, the contents of this bag kept me company for the whole week. I even brought some home. Give it a try when you can. Back home they have it in Rustan’s and Shopwise and lots of them at the PX goods section at the mezzanine of Cash & Carry.

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