My Tabo

With the Muji water dipper ad coming out along with the memes and clapbacks, I remembered the yellow tabo I used in Maui last month.  The first thing I looked for when I inspected the bathroom of the rented condo was a bidet.  There wasn’t one. There were plenty of drinking glasses which were always a default choice but they’re small and the odds were high I’d break one knowing my clumsiness.

I thought of buying a pint of ice cream until I rummaged through the kitchen and found it — there in it’s canary yellow glory: a full-size measuring cup (kinda this but yellow).  No need for ice cream.

I had to explain to The Y what’s it for.  He must have tried it once for he said it felt weird using it.  That it’s easier to just head to the shower should you need to wash yourself.  To native tabo users, that sounded more inconvenient.  We are just used to washing when needed.

I once read somewhere that any Pinoy traveler who says he or she has never used anything that can pass for a tabo when abroad is a liar.  I believe it; wiping doesn’t come as naturally for us.  For all the makeshift tabo efforts, the yellow measuring cup was an amazing provision.  To the condo host, don’t worry, I washed and disinfected it well before I put it back.

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