And Then There Was One More

Two weeks after the loss I pertained to in a previous post, we lost another very good friend. It was surreal; after that, taking phone calls on a Saturday felt very scary because anything that cannot be relayed through messaging apps must be really serious.

It was a whirlwind of fear and emotions. I am constantly amazed by how people, when brought together by grief, kindness, and love can move stuff along and make things happen.

My losses and grief were deep and, until now, spaced far from one another. Even if I get second-level grief, the sadness, uncertainty, guilt, and fear are as real. At this time, I am left with memories through both tangible and intangible things which remind me that someone who once was “just there” no longer is. You do not get to ponder on these until someone goes away. There are distractions in form of work and other responsibilities, telling us in the face that life does go on. But what happened really does not go away, most likely ever, and you just learn to live with it in a very hard variety of ways.

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