Weekend 73: Thank you, America, for the holiday and Ted Lasso.

I had a three-day weekend because of the U.S. Federal holiday celebrating their Independence Day. As is the case of my normal weekends, the plans I carefully laid out in my head (and on paper, too) all fizzled and before I knew it it was Monday night again.

Half of the year is over and the way it breezed past us just like that is crazy. It got me thinking how I value slowness, nothingness, and overall pulling back from many things. Like I was moving in contrast with how fast the world is moving. I still attribute it to burnout and my cowardice to do something about it. Regardless, if I feel happy with the slowness, nothingness, and bliss of puling back, then I consider that a win. I’ll learn to deal with the guilt soon.

Saturday started late for me, around 11 am. I just think of it as skipping breakfast so there’s less guilt eating lunch. This is such a loophole for I eat snacks, too, but more than the food, it’s the opportunity to finish something in the chunk of time in the morning. But that guilt is momentary, my dear friends. LOL

I did something though — tidied the counter where my routers, accessories, and lipstick tubes are housed (don’t ask why they are in the same location). It is a small space but when left uncleaned for months, it will accumulate annoying dust and the stuff will look like they’re simply thrown in there haphazardly.

Two things I realized: one, matching accessories are not my thing anymore. I have been existing for years with only a GPS smartwatch and pearl earrings (again, what a combo). The occasional necklace, alternate earrings, and formal watch are needed but definitely not the amount of colored rings, hoop earrings, and giant chokers I used to mix and match. Two, I own a lot of lipstick tubes for someone who does not wear them as much. Then here we are, still donning a mask rendering lipstick-wearing futile. At any rate, I managed to trim them down and put in prominent places the ones I am most likely to use when I can.

Saturday afternoons, I noticed, were for show streaming and napping, both done in the living room, on the tiny couch, while sitting down. Doing the latter in this manner is a mastered skill. This weekend saw me settling on Fear Street 1994, a first in a trilogy. It celebrates the classic slasher genre with convoluted scenes! It’s entertaining, although there was less gore. I liked it and for the next two I will watch when both have already dropped. This is what streaming did to me; I can no longer wait in installments!

The biggest surprise of my weekend was Ted Lasso. I woke up on Monday, decided to watch it, and didn’t stop until I finished its entire first season of 10 episodes. It was a little more than 30 minutes per episode so it was easy. I do not religiously watch English pro league soccer but it didn’t hinder me from enjoying the show because it was so much more than that. For me the hype the show had, showing up in Top Shows of 2020 lists was valid! It was breezy and fun, easily bingeable, and its heart is almost always in the right place. The plot is simple: a small-time American football coach was recruited to takeover coaching a professional soccer (“The real football,” my man would say) team in the U.K. It was clear he was brought in because the new club owner wanted to exact revenge at her ex-husband who considers the team one of the things he values in the world. But the chaos she was expecting didn’t turn out as catastrophic because of, well, enter Ted Lasso! Ted is positive and optimistic and though was able to show a vulnerable side to him later in the season, it didn’t turn things around for his character. He’s just this fuzzy bear of a man who believes things always get better when you put in the work. Annoying at times but also true! It isn’t a one-man show though; my favorite scenes were ensemble scenes and those with secondary characters. I teared up when Sam scored his first goal, when Nathan read the team roast at the locker room, at Rebecca and Keeley’s friendship, and when Trent Crimm decided to write something positive about Ted instead of a take-down piece. Season 2 of the show will be in 2 weeks. Episodes will drop weekly so let’s see if I can last given my deficient attention span. God knows I tried it with New Amsterdam S3 and failed.

Capping of my entertainment weekend was Charlotte’s Web on HBO Go and [H]ouse Season 5. What’s the connection (not that there has to be one)? The boy who voiced Wilbur the pig played patient of the week in one House episode. I watched it just because and before I knew it, it had been 5 episodes. I used to be so into it, and sometimes that feeling — of fangirling, of feeling passionate about a thing — is something I miss. It’s something I cannot force. I feel it from time to time but it’s momentary. Last year I felt it towards Crash Landing on You and lately for RuPaul’s Drag Race. If only for the heightened desire to ‘feel’, I want to keep (mildly) obsessing over things. Let’s see…as the case is in most of my endeavors of late.

I am working from home this week! This means I have the luxury to sleep in later but also run the risk of working beyond office hours. It’s a dynamic I have not mastered 16 months in this game, errr, scheme. I get to save money when working from home though, and at this point in time, that matters a lot. But it’s also at the expense of bloated feet because I won’t be walking a lot (I know, I know, when there’s a will there’s a way, but we know I have no strong will, LMAO) and there’s the overall missing the office setup because big ass monitors, central AC, walking spaces, complete official resources, and internet I am not paying for are way better things to have when working onsite!

Anyway, see you next week for another rundown.

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