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Books From Baguio

I spent 36 hours in Baguio and took home four books.  I could have bought more but didn’t so in a way I’m proud of myself for holding out.  My TBR pile is seriously out of control. Anyway, I’m happy… Read More ›


read this only if you’re bored. it’s almost four. in the past hour, simone and i were celebrating her post-1st birthday party by clicking and typing and stuff when i discovered something i didn’t really mean to see. piecing together… Read More ›


Movie, movie. I watched Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat after lunch. The movie wasn’t entirely funny but it had its moments. Eugene Domingo as Rowena really killed me.  I think she’s naturally funny and her background in theater  made her… Read More ›


Operation: Stingy is good to go starting today. I thought about it when I heard holiday tunes from pipe-in speakers in malls yesterday.  We now entered the last four months of the year, the (dreaded) “-ber” months as they say. … Read More ›

my baby names, FTW!

Okay, so the world is one again enchanted by the perfect Jolie-Pitts. I will refrain from swooning like most of you and you can all enjoy it while it’s hot and fresh. I’d like to give super props to Ange… Read More ›

lost in translation

So many thoughts are running in my head all week long but when I’m already in front of Simone, I find it too tiresome and too forced to translate these thoughts into blog entries. As usual. What’s sad is I… Read More ›


I started to change my lifestyle last week. It means I am directly heading home as soon as my feet stepped out of the office compound. My routine has always been to go to Robinson’s for two hours of either… Read More ›

Missing Travis

I have not watched anything this week on TV. That’s why Travis probably misses me. Travis, my TV. I was home early on Monday and Tuesday but I spent time on Simone (the laptop, remember? She just celebrated her first… Read More ›

new nook

The departure of the big rack that housed my desktop computer left a space in our Liliputian house. I transformed it to a mini-reading/study nook of sorts. Or a place where I can conveniently place Simone as I connect to… Read More ›

Return of the Judie!

Wow, it’s only been 9 days but it felt like ages ago. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss internet surfing like I used to whenever faced with a computer crash, an out-of-town vacation or a simple crazy week involving non-computer activities. Nagbabago… Read More ›


Exhausting day. Not even an encashed check can make it go away. And trust my feet to drag me, in three-inch heels, to a favorite bookshop and find something I wanted to buy for two years but haven’t as it has always… Read More ›

mon bébé nommeduring lunch time today, we and two of the tech people on temp duty talked about cute names for babies. (ick. cute is so…ick) since i was 8, i am known to make names for my future kids,… Read More ›


Nakakasawa na magpaka-demure sa mga blog posts. Hay. Kaya magpakatotoo na tayo. Honestly, what’s on your mind? I have to find a part-time job, preferably as a research assistant. It’s the safest and most interesting place for me to be,… Read More ›