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Ms. J

2013 Reading Report

Well hello there. I bring you my somewhat underperforming bookish self in 2013. Now, the rundown: I had to downsize my reading goal from 82 to to 60 and I still didn’t […]

Letting Go

I used to be a book hoarder. Well, I still am, but a significant change is that as I am collecting, I am letting go of books as well. I started it […]

All is good.

Alexis: Does she make you happy? Castle: Yeah, she does. Alexis: Is it enough? Castle: It’s enough for now. Before Castle and Beckett officially became a couple, this was one of my […]

Happy Cluelessness

I’ve been having full days since last week even if there were days off in between.  I am not complaining, and you know a not-so-secret part of me really enjoys tight activities.  […]