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  • STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE wish ko lang, kilala ko siya. You’re Strawberry Shortcake! What 80’s Cartoon Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

  • *tinatamad* a very normal me. nasa book 2 na ako nung true philippine ghost stories at kahit daytime ko sya binabasa, takot na takot ako. wala namang bago. nakakakilabot lang. hehe, yung 2nd to the last story nga ng book… Read More ›

  • *windang* my mini-vacation will be over in about 30 hours. waaah! at eto ako, firm na in changing my blogskin for the umpteenth time basta may mahanap na maganda. hindi ko pa rin tapos yung american gods, pucha. dami pa… Read More ›

  • bam and books as the lazy gods might have guessed, bam and i didn’t go as planned. it’s always like that with her. not that i feel bad because i don’t. we usually feel this lazy itch at about the… Read More ›

  • *ngarag* super. i took a vacation leave for six days (err, the sixth day is actually an office holiday) and i looked forward to it until it came. eman texted me that i must be greasing my ass watching tv… Read More ›

  • Burn, Baby, Burn! Just felt a desire to put it here. Wala lang. Pucha, mag-aapat na araw na, tagal ko magsawa! I don’t understand why See it’s burning me to hold onto this I know this is something I gotta… Read More ›

  • Of course, the uncultured me doesn’t care a darn bit about Greek gods and goddesses so, no comment. Morpheus ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla

  • INNOCENTLY MADE You are American Gods! You are mysterious, intelligent, and creative. To the rest of the world you may seem a little standoffish, but really youre just a quiet person. Youre sort of bookish and are intrigued by mythology… Read More ›


    Umaga. Male-late na ang babae. Paano ba naman, pagkaingat ingat na binaybay ang Arquiza St. at service road ng Roxas Boulevard para umiwas sa posibleng lumilipad-lipad na yero / debris / construction worker na natutulog sa top floor ng ginagawang… Read More ›


    1. Erwin Jerkwin blog entry (compiled Erwin Gonzales hirits and how they were handled, ComTeam style) 2. Mid-year Performance Report (which is originally “Monthly” na hindi nagawa kaya sinabing “Quarterly” na hindi pa rin nagawa so hopefully, sana magawa ko… Read More ›

  • Ano Ba Sa Tagalog and Random?

    I am asking because I was supposed to put Random Thoughts in Tagalog. Hindi ko maisip eh, kaya eto na lang sila: :: sa dinami-dami ng ginagawa ko na in all fairness nasa position description ko naman, akalain mong kailangan… Read More ›


    Bad news–well, not that bad but: :: Chelli is not part of the ComTeam anymore. Sad thought really, and worse, we learned about the internal news that affects her would-be replacement. Dang that freaking power. :: Our neighbors have turned… Read More ›


    Mga bagay na naglalaro sa isip ni fearless_bounce: :: may spyware o adware ang computer ko. ewan, wala naman akong dina-download na kahit ano maliban sa hangaroo at ym. lahat pati kazaa tinanggal ko na, 100 years pa din mag-browse…. Read More ›


    i don’t feel like blogging. i had a fight with mom over this computer and my alleged overuse of it. *rolls eyes* i bought this whole thing to do what i want, which is to surf and chat all i… Read More ›


    This is my way of making up to Mae Anne, for forgetting to greet her on her special day on the 17th. Contrary to her Friendster testimonial to me, my occasional dimwittedness made me forget her day. Ugh! Sorry Dimple!… Read More ›


    Without further ado and those other wishy-washy intro, I am proud to say that I received a Meritorious Step Increase citation today. It was a bit posh of a celebration, unlike the previous one in November (which reminds me that… Read More ›