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Zero to Nothing

I learned how to have very low expectations of everything and everyone.  I guess it’s working well.  It’s a better-working buffer. Anyway, my very latest attempt to step out of my comfort […]

My Pedring Adventure

Like many people in metropolitan Manila, I braved typhoon Pedring (Nesat) yesterday.  I’m happy to be safe and dry at home but the entire day was crazy! This is what I remembered […]


Boss: What did you give up for Lent? Me: (softly) Pork. Boss: (long pause) Oh, pork! I thought you said ‘work‘! That’s not gonna work out well for you! I know that, […]

2011 Resolutions

I spent the last day of 2010 until the first day of 2011 sick in bed.  It wasn’t anything serious; it’s just that when my immune system is in the mood to […]

painless rundown

A watered-down version of the interesting week that was. Monday was a choice between my make-up class in Spanish and the final bowling game between my agency and Public Affairs (aka mi […]


The end of 2009 saw me trying out new things and exploring other options.  I am expecting something, yes, but I am always open to whatever it brings. Let’s just say I […]

Kiddie Size Update

O hai there! I was on my way home one warm Thursday night when I thought of blogging again. I think it’s partially inspired by what Julie Powell did.  I put it off for […]