Food Lover Judie


I once told someone I enjoy my red pasta with black coffee and, yes, I know it’s weird. “No, it’s not weird,” he said. “It’s very weird.” I also like my truffle fries with latte. I am set in my… Read More ›

Lunch Joke

I hardly regret the amount I spend on food and books. My taste in food is also very easy to please unless onions are involved. However there are days that will get you. See, I paid 100 pesos for this… Read More ›

Just Write Just Right

This begins a series of short posts that may or may not be for long. There is still the disconnect. I have said this over and over again. Anyway, there is still comfort – not guilt – in running close… Read More ›

Ramen Dump

The disconnect between my steady stream of ideas and the urge to write them down is still not fixed but I got to push it, push it, push it real good, ‘no? I checked my Media Library and discovered I… Read More ›

January Wrap Up

One month down, eleven to go! The first month of the year swished just like that. It was fun though. And fast. Let’s see, what was I up to last month? January holds a soft spot for me mainly because of my… Read More ›

Thank you, 2013.

Happy New Year! When I did a rundown of the first half of my 2013, it was quite eventful and hopeful. The last half of the year was pretty much the same. Of course, there’s still the “Another year has… Read More ›


I may have broken my promise to not eat any pork, chicken nor beef for this entire week but I’m proud I didn’t entirely swallow what I said.  I did try to stay away. 🙂  Anyway, last Wednesday, I met… Read More ›

Taipei Trip! (Part 1 of 2)

I spent two days in Taipei with my friends Rach and Yummy Friend (YF).  We got cheap tickets for approximately P3,720 per person from Cebu Pacific.  The flight times were all in the middle of the night.  If you’re in… Read More ›

Lemon Chicken Love

  Luk Yuen’s Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce (P240) This post was brought to you by a sudden urge to eat Luk Yuen’s boneless chicken in lemon sauce.  I know this craving won’t be sated until tomorrow, and that is… Read More ›

Comida: Burgers & Sandwiches

Time for another food post.  Here are pictures of burgers and sandwiches I came across with recently.  Drooling is allowed. Murray & d’Vine‘s Beef Burger with Cheese (P325) This is what the burger looks like up close. Look, a heart-shaped… Read More ›

Biggest Loser, dungeon edition

Two weeks ago, my team and I started our Biggest (Weight) Loser contest.  It will run for three months.  No rules nor prescribed regimen.  Even medical procedure is allowed and we only included it because we know no one can… Read More ›

Lactose love

The White Hat‘s Top Hat* Combo (P150) *Large cup of yogurt with your choice of toppings with free drizzle.  I picked kiwi slices, homemade granola bits, and dried cranberries, no drizzle. [Yogurt (or yoghurt!) is one of the most amazing… Read More ›