Friend Judie

And Then There Was One More

Two weeks after the loss I pertained to in a previous post, we lost another very good friend. It was surreal; after that, taking phone calls on a Saturday felt very scary because anything that cannot be relayed through messaging… Read More ›

Thank you, 2013.

Happy New Year! When I did a rundown of the first half of my 2013, it was quite eventful and hopeful. The last half of the year was pretty much the same. Of course, there’s still the “Another year has… Read More ›


Half of the year is over.  If you think it went too fast, I say it’s just about right.  It’s been an eventful ride. Highlights? You may have read about THE pox.  The rollercoaster of emotions involving my one true… Read More ›

Weekend Bender

No matter how short, I always look forward to weekends.  Lately, I no longer spend all my time hunched in my chair, pausing only to relieve myself.  Lately, I go out, do things, meet people — you know, normal human… Read More ›

Re-loving Magazines

I might start reading magazines again to spice up my reading life. I stopped my regular magazine fare considerably after I severed my 5-year ties with Vanity Fair when they started screwing my deliveries four years ago.  I was such… Read More ›

Emotional Rollercoaster

December is such a busy and eventful month for me.  Every single year.  In just 20 days, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, most of which are very favorable.  The kind of feelings that you want over and over. Let’s… Read More ›

Growing Up and Growing Old

One of my best friends lost her mother yesterday.  Everyone of us in the group ushered into our thirties yet it still feels surreal when we have to go through things like this.  Indeed, we’re growing old and, most importantly,… Read More ›

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. For this week, we have to list down our top ten bookish confessions.  It’s a perfect way to kick off my TTT participation!  Here are… Read More ›

Filipino Friday (4): Books and Friends

One more week until the second Filipino Reader Conference!  Have you pre-registered?  Have you seen the activities on that day? Anyway, here’s the fourth Filipino Friday to get to know more fellow booklovers!  Here are the questions this week revolving… Read More ›

Cabbage Dream

Before I slept last night, I chose a romance novel (trashy greatness, emo-porn, whatever you wish to call them!) in hopes of attracting a happy, romantic, even raunchy dream. I know it does not follow and it’s ridic to assume… Read More ›

Bohol Trip: Day 2

Day 2 in Bohol started early for us.  We were expected to be up and about way earlier but we were tired the previous day so we decided to sleep in a little longer.  We had free breakfast at 7… Read More ›