The One with the Guy I Met on Tinder a Year Ago

This is neither a romance nor an original story. Despite saying I will stay away from dating apps and dating sites (“with finality”, ugh), I revived some accounts and met men thru there – the most interesting of which was the biggest meltdown of 2018, but that’s not what this story is about. A year ago, I thought that in order to move on from someone, it could help meeting other men so I did a swiping spree. This guy and I, we matched because I had not changed my location from my island vacation and he set it on the … Continue reading The One with the Guy I Met on Tinder a Year Ago

It Comes and Goes, Don’t Trust It

My fuse has been shorter than usual lately. I don’t deny that there are times when my anger management reflects poorly on my personality and I’ve atoned for them many times over. Lately, I can only blame hormones for it. Someone asked me recently if I don’t get tired being angry. I guess I didn’t comprehend the question that much for I answered no — I took it in the context of letting the anger linger which I don’t do. If you know me long enough, you may have witnessed how I flare up in one big burst and then … Continue reading It Comes and Goes, Don’t Trust It

March is for books that are not mine!

EDITED!!! — Well hello there, March. February was a good month for me, reading-wise, even with my flurry of activities. I said when the year started I won’t dabble into reading challenges but may do customized ones to spice it up a bit. For this month, I thought of cleaning my borrowed books pile. One reason why my TBR pile is too high is because I love borrowing books (taking dibs, convincing people to lend me, however you want to put it!) from friends. Some of these books I borrowed months and months ago. And while I have not heard … Continue reading March is for books that are not mine!

Thank you, 2013.

Happy New Year! When I did a rundown of the first half of my 2013, it was quite eventful and hopeful. The last half of the year was pretty much the same. Of course, there’s still the “Another year has passed, what now?” vibe  by December 31. ON TRAVELS October saw me, and friends Rach and Carms in Bacolod for Rach’s birthday. The Peace Cup was also the same time so a live football game of the Azkals was a bonus. We went there for a gastronomic fix – Manokan Country, Calea, Pendy’s, Felicia’s – we tried them all. And … Continue reading Thank you, 2013.


Half of the year is over.  If you think it went too fast, I say it’s just about right.  It’s been an eventful ride. Highlights? You may have read about THE pox.  The rollercoaster of emotions involving my one true love: reading books.  I also climbed Mt. Batulao.  Helped in a bay cleanup in celebration of Earth Day.  Went to Hongkong with friends.  Watched  a live improv show which stirred my theater performer tendencies.  I also passively took part in a monthly office project which enforced the Mackenzie McHale in me [I love the adrenaline rush – I’m that easy].  … Continue reading HALFTIME REPORT

Ms. Bean, March 2013 edition

This is my first edition for 2013 of “Hi, I’m Ms. Bean and I’m such a pro at embarrassing myself”.  Fresh from a very recent facepalm moment with a jeepney driver, I tried to remember things I said and did as of late.  I’m sure there are lots more stuff I said and did which I failed to recognize as such. Exhibit A: Tuesday night at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium.  Turkmenistan players warming up. Told C I like the way they look: so fierce, but a little on the pale side. What are they, Eastern Europeans? Or western?  I’m confused. … Continue reading Ms. Bean, March 2013 edition

Weekend Bender

No matter how short, I always look forward to weekends.  Lately, I no longer spend all my time hunched in my chair, pausing only to relieve myself.  Lately, I go out, do things, meet people — you know, normal human stuff.  For the past three weeks, my Saturday routine was defined by soccer training provided by the amazing people behind Dream Big Pilipinas, lunch in Salcedo Community Market, and other errands in the afternoon.  My naturally lethargic self realized you really can do a lot in one day.  Long ago, daytime translates to 10-12 episodes of an hour-long TV show. … Continue reading Weekend Bender

Re-loving Magazines

I might start reading magazines again to spice up my reading life. I stopped my regular magazine fare considerably after I severed my 5-year ties with Vanity Fair when they started screwing my deliveries four years ago.  I was such a cheapskate that I also gave up my other subscriptions since I haven’t even opened an issue and next thing I know, another issue was in my mailbox.  It was such an overwhelming time. Lately, I’ve been treated to online articles shared to me, and for full columns unavailable online, it pays to have a physical issue within reach.  It … Continue reading Re-loving Magazines

Judayski’s Best of 2012 (And A Few Unfortunate Events)

The year is about to end so what better way to bookend it than a list of great, wonderful things I experienced this year.  I may have had setbacks which I took really seriously but overall, it’s a very blessed year for yours truly. Best Event: Turning 30.  It’s just a number, yes, but it’s a big one for me.  I threw the  imaginary blueprint I formed in my twenties and created a new one in my head.  It didn’t feel much differently, save for new emotional depths I now have (I swear, hahaha). Best Work-Related Event: More stability within … Continue reading Judayski’s Best of 2012 (And A Few Unfortunate Events)

Emotional Rollercoaster

December is such a busy and eventful month for me.  Every single year.  In just 20 days, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, most of which are very favorable.  The kind of feelings that you want over and over. Let’s see: our performance won in the agency-wide talent competition, then a week after we bagged the coveted Ambassador’s Cup and bested 4 other agencies.  I was made to change roles for the Cup performance because a colleague went on leave.  I got fake-proposed to and well, I think it’s a better role.  Hahaha.  Anyway, triumphs, triumphs. Speaking of recognition, we … Continue reading Emotional Rollercoaster

Growing Up and Growing Old

One of my best friends lost her mother yesterday.  Everyone of us in the group ushered into our thirties yet it still feels surreal when we have to go through things like this.  Indeed, we’re growing old and, most importantly, growing up together. Tita B’s death leaves a scarring effect to most of us not only because of her age.  She was a main extension of someone whom we deeply love since we barely fit in our starter bras; a news like that is a different league of its own.  This comes more painfully to those who never left town; … Continue reading Growing Up and Growing Old

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. For this week, we have to list down our top ten bookish confessions.  It’s a perfect way to kick off my TTT participation!  Here are my confessions, in my simplest best: 1.  I do not like deckle-edge pages.  In my entire collection, I only have two, and I bought them because I thought I couldn’t get them for that cheap a price (yep, you got a cheapskate here) – The Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra and Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff.  In total, I got … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Filipino Friday (4): Books and Friends

One more week until the second Filipino Reader Conference!  Have you pre-registered?  Have you seen the activities on that day? Anyway, here’s the fourth Filipino Friday to get to know more fellow booklovers!  Here are the questions this week revolving around books and friends. Are you a part of a book club? If yes, what made you join one? What’s your favorite activity that you have with them? Yes, I am a part of Ex Libris Philippines since February 2007.  We are a nonstock, nonprofit organization for book lovers. Aside from meeting monthly to discuss books, books, and books, we … Continue reading Filipino Friday (4): Books and Friends

My 2011 Corregidor Race Experience

I capped my “running” year when I crossed the 10K finish line of the Corregidor International Half-Marathon last December 10.  As I mentioned last month,  this was my last run for 2011 and I could not be more satisfied.

The 10K race was only a side event to the half-marathon. It was both challenging and fulfilling on my part; the race route was how exactly I imagined it would be: it was a challenging combo of uphills, downhills, mud-drenched forest trails, and curved roads.  It was the most exciting race route of my 2-year running career. 😉  When I crossed the finish line, I really felt so happy.  There wasn’t any feeling of discomfort nor stress which only told me I was super fine!

By the way, I intended to accompany this post with more pictures but unfortunately I lost my camera in Rizal Memorial Stadium on the afternoon of December 10, right after I came back to Manila from Corregidor. 😦

Anyway, along with my friends Aldrin and TJ, we traveled to Corregidor on a rainy Friday morning (December 9), because both of them were running 21K, so they didn’t want to travel at the wee hours of December 10, then run the half marathon right after.  We were supposed to stay in Sea Calm Inn, a last-minute addition of Sun Cruises to the accommodation options, even though it was initially disapproved by the race organizers.  I had qualms about it after reading a not-so-good blog post about it in 2010’s CIHM.  By a stroke of good luck, on Wednesday afternoon, I got a message from Lhen of Sun Cruises, asking me if we want to transfer to Corregidor Inn (the “only” hotel on the island) because someone cancelled their reservation.  We gladly took it, of course!

Continue reading “My 2011 Corregidor Race Experience”

Cabbage Dream

Before I slept last night, I chose a romance novel (trashy greatness, emo-porn, whatever you wish to call them!) in hopes of attracting a happy, romantic, even raunchy dream. I know it does not follow and it’s ridic to assume so but it worked on me before. 🙂 So anyway, 15 minutes into it, I fell asleep, and had a funny dream. However, it wasn’t raunchy nor romantic. I dreamt that my highschool bestfriends and I were chased downhill by hundreds of rolling green cabbages. I woke up very confused but after a while I was laughing. I cannot fathom … Continue reading Cabbage Dream

Bohol-Cebu: Days 3 & 4

See Bohol Day 1 See Bohol Day 2 On our last day in Bohol, we woke up a little late to have breakfast.  After that, we took more pictures and checked out.  We were picked up by our ride at 10 am.  We bought pasalubong near the pier.  We bought OceanJet ferry tickets for P500 each and waited until 12:30 pm for our 2-hour trip to Cebu. We got to sunny Cebu and rented a van for P150 to take us to Radisson Blu.  Our friend Yvonne arranged our accommodation.  We settled in, cleaned up (Finally! No more saltwater!), and … Continue reading Bohol-Cebu: Days 3 & 4

Bohol Trip: Day 2

Day 2 in Bohol started early for us.  We were expected to be up and about way earlier but we were tired the previous day so we decided to sleep in a little longer.  We had free breakfast at 7 am and proceeded to a 45-minute boat ride to Balicasag Island.  We missed the dolphins and the boatman said it’s wavy anyway so they’re expected to stay away. Our tour package only included the fee for the boat ride to and from the resort and snorkeling privileges for two guests.  Since we’re 5 people, and 2 begged off from snorkeling, … Continue reading Bohol Trip: Day 2

Bohol Trip: Day 1

On July 7 to 9, I went to Bohol for the second time and for this trip I was with my friends instead of officemates. We booked our tickets through Air Philippines’ rainy day promo last November.  I made a mistake in booking the flights as I booked our return on the same day.  My error paved the way to plan a trip to Cebu after Bohol.  More on this later. We were left by the plane (see how we wasted both Air Phil promo fares? LOL) on the morning of July 9 because KG arrived at 9:05 am.  Our … Continue reading Bohol Trip: Day 1