Music Lover Judie

O hai there, John Mayer!

Watching John Mayer made me wet.  Literally. It was a rainy Friday night last October 1 when 18,000+ people (per Manila Concerts) trooped to the MOA Concert Grounds to watch John Mayer and his band perform for the first time here… Read More ›

Exhaust it until it dies.

When a particular tune catches my attention, I usually listen to it over and over and over until I grow tired of it. This is an example of that.  I’ve listened to this song, Almost (by Tamia), in 2007 pa but… Read More ›

The Incoherent.

This post may not bear much difference from my other blog entries. Except perhaps this was typed when I was a tiny bit sloshed. Let’s see…I vowed to stop pining after a momentary confusion (see entry below this). I still… Read More ›


Some say that a surefire way to get over something is to stuff yourself full of whatever it is until you get tired of it, and then you move on. So despite my annoyance with wordpress for not having the… Read More ›

I’m an organized mess.

My two loyal commenters, Raft3r and Laieesha, guess who’s alive?! It’s PMS time. I just know. It occurred roughly around the same time last month. One big thing about me now, and I guess the pun is intended, is that… Read More ›