I have been sitting here with initially an intent to update my CV for a work vacancy, then going from one site to another led to hours of not doing what I was supposed to accomplish. Hahaha, hashtag my life.

The ideas, mundane and otherwise (let us bank on mundane for the most part), are still plentiful in my head. I thought getting a new laptop will make me do it more, but really, there is no price for enthusiasm and drive.

One day. One day.

Just Write Just Right

This begins a series of short posts that may or may not be for long. There is still the disconnect. I have said this over and over again.

Anyway, there is still comfort – not guilt – in running close to 7 kilometers, then going home and having panaderia-bought Spanish bread and Finetti (aka upper middle class Nutella) for dinner. And a glass of cold cranberry juice. Whatever makes you happy, you eat it.

Chips Falling

After nine months and how many days, I ate chips again.This was a decision I made as hastily as I did swearing off chips last year. It’s not an exclusive “no junk foods” anymore pledge, because that category is so wide, I’m simply kidding myself.

By swear off, I meant I decided not to eat the usual junk food I consume with gusto with milk tea or Coke Zero — that means Cheetos, Ruffles, Piattos Sour Cream (the green one), Clover, and Mr. Chips. Those were my usuals. It was not as tough as I thought it would be, probably because I was in my chocolate phase then. I found myself without resistance whenever I had to say no to chips, and frankly, having lasted this long, is good enough for me.

Hello, Clover! Nice to taste you again after almost ten months.

I found myself craving for Clover (I think I even dreamt of it) this afternoon, while nursing my incessant migraine. After chicken soup for breakfast and lunch, I found myself buying a pack from the sari-sari store next door and eating it. It was just right though. No, “Oh I missed you so much!” feeling. Let us see when I get Jalapeno Cheetos though — dipped in mayonnaise. That is the bomb. But maybe not now.

Giving up certain junk foods meant I had to make substitutes. Health-wise I may not have made changes at all for I substituted Potato Corner and Bread Pan whenever I craved for something salty. Well, at least I gave something up. I don’t know if I will go back to eating my former “usuals” again after this. I am not thinking about it as much. Will keep you posted. 😉

(Non)Writer’s Block

I resolved to write more but I couldn’t. I have these outlines in my head whenever I’m moving: walking, riding a jeepney, eating alone. I am no good writer but years of doing technical writing tailored for diplomatic correspondence made me look for an outlet to type something else at the end of a long day. I still find it hard. I am trying real hard right now, keying in words and phrases but I don’t know where this is going.

I do not wish to have crackhead emotional issues like before just so I’d write everyday; for during that time, regardless of the content, the desire to publish  something, anything, was there.

I can only admire those who write for the benefit of imparting thoughts, teaching others, inspiring readers. I still have dreams to achieve that but looking at it now, it’s a long way ahead, now that I can’t even coherently and cohesively put my personal thoughts together. I have lots of stories to tell so I am not sure if it’s lack of time, resources, or desire that’s preventing me from doing so.

I will try again, and again and again, until that desire comes back again.

Filipino Friday 2013 (3): The Pinoy Book Drop

Better late than never! I was unable to join the first two Filipino Fridays and here I am three days late on the third, hihihi 🙂

For the uninitiated, you can find out more about the Pinoy Book Drop activity here.

So, my book dropping experience.

It’s my first time to do such and frankly, the thrill of leaving a place where I dropped off a book was exciting. I was concerned about people going after me and telling me I left my book. Explaining what I did and why would ruin the moment, in my opinion. So I’m glad it didn’t happen. I like the being sneaky part.

I was ready to book-drop last Friday but doofus me, I forgot my books in the office because I had to leave in haste. Anyway, today’s pretty exciting pa rin, and I’m just thinking it’s nice to leave some of my pre-owned books at a place where I buy most of my stash anyway— no less than…tadaaa…Robinsons Place Ermita! 🙂

WP_20131028_002Put a Lid On It by Donald Westlake. I decided to let go of this copy because I have an e-book of this anyway. I left it at a department store counter on the 3rd floor. I bought something and the card readers were wonky so it gave me time to leave it while waiting for them to fix my transaction. Chances are, a sales attendant found this, so I hope he/she would like it.

WP_20131028_003Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd. This one I left at the food court. There are a lot of families and groups of friends eating early dinner. I hope one of those people would enjoy this book. It’s a duplicate Rutherfurd and I’ve not been able to finish his chunksters, any of it, so might as well let someone else enjoy it first.

WP_20131028_004Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I left this in McDonald’s at the second floor. There are too many fantasy/paranormal books out there I’m losing count. I hope whoever gets this would discover new realms, if he/she has not done so.

WP_20131028_006The Throat by Peter Straub. I left this one in Krispy Kreme (as you can tell). This is very timely for Halloween! I hope whoever finds it loves horror, too.

I enjoyed my first book drop experience. Since I pledged to let go some of my books, I may do this again soon.


Fil Reader Con 2013

The 3rd Filipino Reader Conference will be on Saturday, November 9, at the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila University. Visit the readercon’s official blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page for heaps of information. I hope to see you there!


It has been more than a month since I resumed the routine of my excitingly uneventful life.  I’m filled with too many feelings and save for small and shallow bouts of confusion, disappointment, and insecurities, the rest of the journey is pretty much the same.

My life so far: Forty books as of late (bought and handed down by former boss) ruining my lie pledge of buying only 12 books this year, 25th book read as of today, successful fundraiser, pox scars, Scandal, The Newsroom, re-unearthing Futurama, Hong Kong, income tax, lawyering up, caffeine overload, football, cookie butter, dark chocolate, (pretend) wellness activities, CV revamping, forgotten credit cards, Yakult, suppression of feelings, eyebrow shaping, quiz nights, caesar salad addiction, amusement toward awkwardly assuming (in Pinoy terms, “feeling”) people, saving up for the Manila International Book Fair, discovering a new nail salon, new friends, Human Nature products, nuts, passing a consular course, portion control, lots of water, more histrionics.

Somehow, someday, I would find the spirit, energy, and zeal to tell you stories about any, if not all, of the above.

I hope you are all doing great.  I am. xoxo

Bearable Lightness

It was a sweet and steady Saturday.  I love every bit of it.

As you know, I share a small apartment with my mother and last month, I decided to camp downstairs and make the ground floor my studio-type place of sorts.  Well, it really is like a studio-type apartment because I have the small kitchen, T&B, tiny dining room, and living room — which magically transforms into my sleeping area at night — to myself.  I love the solitude, not that I didn’t have it before, as Mom and I hardly saw each other anyway.  My point is, I feel that I’m living by myself more lately.  It’s hard, especially the cooking/ feeding myself part, and the cleaning aspect, but I’m getting by.

Blog Post Divider

Anyway, today’s a delightful one because I accomplished a lot.  My errands and to-do lists do not measure up to world-changing advocacies other people have but I’m happy, so I guess that’s the more important thing.  TV stuff here, clean up there, a semi-successful cooking attempt here [you will hardly go wrong with ‘cheesy scrambled eggs’ from Google, hey], mangling of some shirts there, and bam, my morning’s done.

This afternoon saw me at the newly-relocated Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Museum.  Isn’t it awesome that they put two of my favorite places in one building?  Anyway, staying inside the library on the 6th floor was a great refuge from the weather outside.  I was one of four library visitors and it was clear I was the only non-researcher.  Still, feel na feel ko pa din.  Three topics were on top of my head as I strode over to their online catalog: migration of Filipinos to the US [more like anecdotes and all those diaspora stories], gender and women studies topics, and Philippine folklore and mythology.  I ended up browsing more of the first, and ultimately asked the librarian for two resources.

First was Hope Sabanpan-Yu’s Bridging Cultures: The Migrant Philippine Woman in the Works of Jessica Hagedorn, Fatima Lim-Wilson, and Sophia Romero.  It’s a short, fluid read about the topic, clearly gleaned from the title.  I deliberately skipped many items because Ms. Yu fleshed out three works of the authors named above, and I will be spoiled by reading her critique.  After this, let’s just say I will look for  Romero’s Always Hiding, Lim-Wilson’s Crossing the Snow Bridge, and finally read Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love [I have a sinking feeling I left my copy in Taipei because I haven’t seen it since but I’m not willing it].

The second one I borrowed was Leche by R. Zamora Linmark.  Because it was closing time, I only got as far as the 75th page but I can say it’s hilariously spot-on.  If I don’t find it in bookstores, I will go back to FHL and borrow it again.  In addition, and I know the direction isn’t the same, but it made me mentally note of  Alex Gilvarry’s From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant.

Blog Post Divider

I also bought stuff for a day climb in Batangas this Bataan Day holiday.  It’s been a while since I did this kind of physical activity but I know I’m in much better condition than previous treks.  I also debated whether to get a new trail footwear or not.  I don’t own hiking shoes but in my past climbs and treks I used my trusty Chaski sandals from Columbia.  It looks flimsy but it’s very durable.  Think Sumaguing cave in Sagada and long walks in Bohol; not once did it fail me and now it still looks okay.  Let’s see.  We have a particularly dry weather [hopefully on Tuesday, too] so I may not need stronger, newer sole grips.  My funny concern, in fact, is tripping on flat surfaces.  I have a natural talent for it.

This half-day climb will be for my Dad, as my birthday tradition for him this year.  Will probably expound more on that after the event. If I may confess, I’m also looking forward a lot to our bulalo foodfest, post-climb.  It’s only a day of break so we have to make it count.

I skipped an exhibit opening in favor of a convincing tug to dine alone and read.  The only downside of sorts is that I seem to have an addiction to Starbucks’ Asian dolce latte.  I just tell myself by May it will be pulled out from the menu so let me enjoy it until then. I believe it was a productive reading time [winging it, following XP‘s advice] because before I knew it, it’s almost midnight.  Lest you’re still lost, this is what makes me tick every.single.time.

Blog Post Divider

I say it’s bearable lightness because it may appear aimless, fluffy, a let-it-flow whichever way kind of day but I enjoyed it: not out of obligation, out of necessity, out of responsibility [well, some were necessary to survive, but you get what I mean].  However, tapping a hidden part of me, there’s still that tiny thought that this may be happier, more delightful, more bearable, if there’s someone asking how it has been.  I highly recommend me times but at the end of a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone waiting? ♥

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  My introvert self wouldn’t trade this Saturday for anything [except for a steamy moment with George Clooney inside a library, but what are the odds of that?].  I am just wondering.  So for now, I’m just going to ignore it.  I had fun.  I hope you did, too.

Ms. Bean, March 2013 edition

This is my first edition for 2013 of “Hi, I’m Ms. Bean and I’m such a pro at embarrassing myself”.  Fresh from a very recent facepalm moment with a jeepney driver, I tried to remember things I said and did as of late.  I’m sure there are lots more stuff I said and did which I failed to recognize as such.

Exhibit A: Tuesday night at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium.  Turkmenistan players warming up. Told C I like the way they look: so fierce, but a little on the pale side. What are they, Eastern Europeans? Or western?  I’m confused.  C was like, “Uhhh… no…they’re Asian.”  And she looked at me as if to say, “SEE, THEY ARE COMPETING IN THE ASIAN CHALLENGE CUP.” C was too nice not to rub it in.  Hahaha.

Exhibit B: Walking to ArmyNavy. I was telling L about internal organs I can sell so I can raise funds to go to the Maldives. I blurted I will sell a pinch of my lung because it grows back anyway.  L said, “You mean liver, right?” OF COURSE, I DID.  Well, they both start with the letter L.  Ah, whatever.

Exhibit C: Japanese restaurant in P. Ocampo.  I caught up with P and J in the middle of a conversation about a Will Smith movie.  I heard the terms “lots of running”, “post-apocalypse”, and “futuristic” so I immediately butted in and gave my opinion on I am Legend.  They had blank stares afterwards as they were actually talking about Hancock.  To be fair to me, would you consider Hancock post-apocalyptic?  And creepy vampiric (non-sparkling) creatures can be considered futuristic.  What if they do exist in the future?!

By the way, J, we go way back with this. He was the one who asked me what does Yo No Se in the Luis Enrique song mean. I said “I don’t know.”  He told me, “I thought you’re learning Spanish.  How come you don’t know?”  Took us 2 more rounds of that before I finally got it across that yo no se means I don’t know.

Exhibit D:  Holy Wednesday.  I was the only one left inside the jeep and le driver talked to me via the rearview mirror, mumbled something about changing the drop off point.  See, I always nod because it’s almost always “I won’t turn right to Dagonoy anymore”, which I don’t mind because my short walk home from the drop off point is the same whichever way.  So I just nodded.  He stopped in front of 7-Eleven Onyx which I ignored because I thought he’s waiting for passengers. I even put back my earphones on.  Probably two songs after, I looked at the driver’s seat and le driver was gone!  Then bam, he was right there with me inside the jeepney.  I panicked inside.  OMG what’s he going to do to me?  Should I scream for help?  I took off my earphones and I heard him say, “Ma’am sabi ko po kanina hanggang dito lang ako sa 7-Eleven so kung ok lang po, baba na kayo para makagarahe na ako. (Ma’am, I said earlier, my last stop was 7-Eleven.  So if it’s ok with you, please go down so I can park my jeep.)”

*MissJisverysmart.jpg*   *bethankfulnoonewasthere.gif*

I was so mortified I cannot say anything!  I immediately went down and said sorry but without looking back.  It reminded me of my grace-less exit at the supermarket last year.

0 — 0 — 0

I should start jotting these moments down again.  It could make for some pretty funny script for a sitcom, which what my life is like after all.  I know this is one of the reasons not a few have said I look youthful.  A key is to laugh at yourself when you get the chance.  Don’t take life seriously.  I mean, not too seriously.  Stress causes clogged arteries and with the state of our existing HMO coverage, might as well not risk it. 😉


I had been on a semi-roll with book memes and the possibility of writing a blog entry regularly again, and then real life happened.  I know it should not impede me on my path to becoming a determined blogger but it did.  I guess I have to do more re-organization and compartmentalization in order to get this online life – real life balance back on track.

I’ll be back, friends.  Meanwhile, I want you to know I’m still crazy over The Newsroom.  It is not a perfect show; it even has tons of flaws I could pick out per episode, but hell, I’ll take this form of entertainment any day.  Plus you know how much I’m a sucker for feisty ex-lovers with history and who obviously are not over it.

As Christian Grey (annoyingly) says to Ana Steele…”Laters, baby.”

And Ms. Bean Strikes Again

My life is one big sitcom and my friends get enjoyment out of my mishaps and misadventures.  We term these my Ms. Bean moments.  It started seven years ago during my first international trip.  Put someone ignorant on a business class trip and wacky mayhem will surely ensue.  It did.  And they were plenty.  Remind me to tell you about them, and the succeeding ones, soon.

I managed to lessen my Ms. Bean moments but tonight, I just had to do yet another one.

Straight from the office gym, I happily filled my grocery basket with stuff good for a week.  When I was at the register, halfway through ringing them in, I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me!  I left it inside my office drawer after lunch and forgot about it.  Anyway, I told the cashier to stop because I didn’t have money.  I must have looked so pale (from embarrassment) that she thought my wallet was stolen (therefore I was shocked and flustered).  I went with her impression of me and in panic, told her sorry, I won’t be taking the items.  They were many!  She started calling the guard and I thought she was trying to have me picked up by security.  I guess I ‘panicked’ some more, and looked it.  Turned out she was trying to help me find the ‘thief’, in case my wallet was stolen inside the supermarket.

It happened so fast that I found myself frantically walking away from the cash register, fake-calling on my mobile, and not once did I look back.  They must have thought I was crazy.  No, wait, they surely did.  If they only knew, I was laughing at myself the whole time I was walking towards the mall exit.  Classic crazy.

That’s actually one thing I’m bad at.  A graceful way to react to a situation, a mini-crisis, if you may call it that.  My go-to reaction is to walk away.  I’m so not winning Survivor nor that Big Brother show, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I figured I’m not going to go back to Robinson’s supermarket anytime soon. 🙂  For tonight, I consider it a funny learning experience.  I was able to go home because I have a handy coin purse inside my bag.  But for tomorrow morning, I hope I won’t forget not to take a cab to work! 😉


As you can tell, I have not gotten back my urge to blog.  I have too many ideas in my head and my rusty writing badly needs a platform to polish it again but here I am, still struggling to write coherently.



Still here!

Guess who was remiss in complying with daily blog updates? Me, me, me.  To say that I’ve been busy is stretching it quite a bit but yeah, there were activities that took my time.

What did happen since my last post? I —

  • ate again in one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town;
  • attended a dear aunt’s birthday dinner in Imus which easily became a reunion;
  •  ran — errr, walked — 10 kilometers under a drizzling sky;
  • had fever;
  • recovered from fever;
  • did not finish one book from my currently-reading pile;
  • ate coma-inducing crispy dinuguan;
  • came close to a hypertensive attack;
  • said goodbye to my employee association directorship, something I held for two years (oh, it seems like yesterday when I was babbling about being in it);
  • returned Raft3r‘s copy of Chelsea Handler’s “Vodka” book;
  • watched Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank and super enjoyed it;
  • had a work-related moment with LTC;
  • found out people were talking about me and what I’ve been doing (more like giving) LTC;
  • didn’t care that people were talking about me;
  • enhanced my “Puma” skills by always tweeting back Manny Ott, my current midfielder crush from the Azkals;
  • continued following and replying to tweets of the Azkals, because it’s fun and what do you care;
  • finished off a pack of chocolate-coated peanuts from Muji;
  • went back to the gym after two long months.

How about you, how have you been?

Go away.

I told someone I will not post anything about this topic because I learned a hard lesson in the past.  However, I always break my promises to him so not doing this will be so out of character.  This is probably nothing anyway.

So, I’ve been occupied with thoughts and renewed feelings for someone (the dormant kind, lulubog lilitaw, for five years) and frankly, I enjoyed little moments thrown my way.  I once again laid out a path and pushed my moves a teeny tiny bit further because I only have until December as he’s leaving the country for good.  Note that this is about the one person (let’s call him G1) who can make me blush.  I don’t know what’s the anatomical explanation for such but it’s true; I’ve had crushes and people I sorta fell in love with yet I very rarely blushed then.  Anyway, I digress.  A bit.

What puzzles me (note the verb…not confuses nor gets me reconsidering) is why, of all moments, one person (G2) still popped in my dream — twice — even to only comment, “Your smile is so fake; are you okay?” while playing poker (it’s a dream, hey).  In the other dream, he appeared behind me as I was about to cry — because G1 confessed his love to someone else through a song (in an Elliot Yamin voice, wtf) — and, a beer bottle in hand, told everyone, “She’s fine.  She just needs to cry this one out.”

I refuse to overthink things because I have lots in my hands right now but I’m still a little puzzled.  I haven’t seen this person in weeks and we have not really communicated in a while, save for a few e-mails.

Anyway, maybe this is a loyalty check of sorts which my smug subconscious is doing to me.  I am still for G1 at the moment and I’m riding it until it lasts, until it is still making sense.  I just wanted to let it out aaaand here it is.

Still here.

Busy yet peachy. You?

2011 is zooming by so fast. I can hardly keep up. The first 3 months of the year brought a lot of changes and while they were not all easy, we’re getting by.

I have a new office and after two weeks, sorry to say, the excitement and fascination wore off. I don’t think they’re supposed to last anyway. I found myself missing my old dungeon-esque office. However, a part of me is satisfied. I figured if I cannot have something new, as in new, in my work, this change of scenery is a good thing, for the meantime.

After a month of hiatus, I’m back to my Spanish class. New teacher, new classmates, new class level. We’re set to take a diagnostic exam at the end of April. I always promise myself I will do better in my classes and this level, I may actually just do that.

The first quarter of the year draws to a close and my reading list is much respectable than how I fared in 2008 and 2009.  The items in the list though…well, let’s just say we should never ever make excuses with what we read. It is a subjective form of activity. At the end of a busy day, sometimes, fluff is all you can take. I will blog about this separately.

I also started running 10 kilometers in marathons. I joined 3 marathons already and I’ve been improving my personal record. I am training gradually so I can lessen it further then I will keep it to a decent time. I should also blog about this separately.

My TV fangirl mode is a little bit on hiatus as well because really, real life has been real to me lately.

My hopeless romantic side has shifted to its pragmatic mode. I take everything as it comes and I always make sure to have a good laugh at everything, whether they go my way or not. Now I know how crazy it looks from the sidelines. Sometimes, I get floored by little moments but when they’re over, I get distracted and forget them. I take it as a gift because I’d rather take a liking for different endeavors and hobbies than just work, love life, and some other activity. That’s sad, if that’s all you have. Sorry to those who feel they’re enough.

I know I have more things to say but thanks to caffeine, I lost the ability to recall them. I guess this is enough for now. Maybe if I have my own domain, I’ll be more enthusiastic to blog. Thing is, I regressed further down the poverty level that this plan was scrapped altogether. Tsk.

So, you, how have you been?


Edited on 12/3/2010 at 3:05 pm: A male friend and I touched this silly matter over lunch. In between bites of his cheesy pizza, his only reply was, “Babae lang yata nakakaramdam ng ganyan.”  Then he continued eating. Natawa na lang ako. Actually, not all females in general. Possibly just those who live off on drama and theatrics. Parang ako minsan. Minsan lang naman, pagbigyan na. 😀

Last night, while I was finding it hard to sleep because of too much caffeine, I ended up spiraling yet again to a little melancholic mood because *hold your pretty horses* I’m not in a relationship. It happens frequently though I’m quick to squish the thoughts once I heaved a sigh or teared a little. I know I make valid arguments, valid questions, in ‘contesting’ my status. I am a woman deeply in touch with her feelings after all.

Then came a busy workday, plenty of things to accomplish, curricular activities in the periphery, a short validation of confidence from my boss for a job well done. I also attended my language class and afterwards went out with fun, smart, fearless women.

What I’m trying to say is that my feelings last night completely shifted. However, it doesn’t make them any less true. At this point in the day though, my vision is clearer. Ultimately, I am grateful for the capability to overcome self-esteem issues (particularly those about not being someone’s partner) and be secure with myself at a flip of a coin, at the slightest twitch of my nose. Sometimes I love to stay this way forever.

And there goes a new round of drama queen ramblings.

This is my first time to blog from my mobile phone.

So, how are you?

Me likey

If you have a Facebook account, you may have come across Facebook groups named after situations or scenarios in life where you have to ‘Like’ it in order to express that yes, you believe it/are it/have done it. There’s a handful of them out there and at first, I was hesitant to ‘like’ them because they are just standalone status messages where you’ll get nothing after ‘liking’ it. I actually find it too messy and disorganized and many of the group names/status names were – how do I put it – grammatically bastardized? — and it takes practically a Facebook account to make one, no matter how ridiculous it is. There are some, of course, where you’d find yourself chuckling because when you thought it’s just you, there are thousands other people, from all over the world, who share the same sentiment. In a way, life becomes more interesting because of it.

Of course, as I give in easily to hype, I started clicking the like button and I got really hooked.

I reviewed my profile and got the following ‘groups’ that I ‘liked’. Let me know if you clicked on the same:

No, I didn’t stalk you. It was on my news feed. Get over yourself.
– Modifying it a little, it can also go to friends by saying, “No, I didn’t stalk him/her, it was on my news feed.”  Hindi naman defensive, nagpapaliwanag lang.

I hate it when I think of a really good comeback AFTER the argument.

I get a cheap thrill when somebody mentions my home city on the TV!
– Or “Philippines” for that matter.

I hate when I lose my internet connection.

Switching Tabs When Someone Is Watching You On The Computer

Making Life Decisions in the Shower
– Corollary to “Suddenly having brilliant ideas while sitting on the toilet”. TMI, I know.

I like people who actually make an effort to keep a conversation alive.

I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking.

I over think things WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY too much.

Minsan may taong nakakainis kahit wala namn silang ginagawa sa’yo.


Hindi masama manlait. Mas masama magsinungaling.

“Tara na” “Tara” (pero wala pa rin tumatayo).
– In a way, this is related to, “Saan tayo kakain?” “Kahit saan.” And then either you all just keep on walking or stay where you are, waiting for someone to take the lead and decide.


– Yes, without regard for germs pagkatapos humawak ng pera para ibayad sa cashier.


We used to talk everyday now im lucky to get a “hi” once a month.

sometimes when im walking i try keeping my feet in the little square tiles.

I love getting to know people you never thought you would talk to.
– I have a few of them as very good friends now. It pays to go out of your way and start a conversation.

I tried to sleep, but instead I played out impossible scenarios in my head.

Watching people’s lives fall apart via status updates and news feeds.

Saying ‘Hello’ to someone , then afterwards go ‘Who was that?’

I love those moments where you just smile and think, “i love life.”

Bad trip ako sa mga guard na pabubukas pa ung bag, tutusukin lang naman.

Just because we’re not close anymore doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.

I Make Funny Noises When I Stretch.

I hate it when people only talk to you when they need something.

Being Hugged From Behind.
– Hugged ha. LOL.

Creating situations in your head that will NEVER happen in real life.
– This is a great stress reliever/time-waster/mind exercise.

Laughing so hard no noise comes out; so you just sit there clapping like a retarded seal.
– It happens to me, too, even when my friends would attest to how I laugh like a tranny-voiced hyena when there’s something funny.

Trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way, twice.

When I see a typo I look at the keyboard to see if the two keys were close.

I’m a sinner. I lie so much about “I have read and agree to the terms of use” on websites 🙂
– Don’t we all just want to get it over with sometimes?

What about you? What have you liked recently?